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The "silver fox" eat grass near   Lippi – Sports – Hengda coach original title: "the silver fox" eat grass near Lippi had to leave the coach Hengda Hengda coach post, Italy coach Lippi has said it would not return to the super coach, but in this changing world, everything is possible. Yesterday, the Italy media and Brazil media have revealed that Lippi will return to the Super League, Hengda regain pointer, although foreign media said 20 million euros annual salary sounds very reliable, but the "silver fox" is in fact infinitely close to Evergrande regression. The Rio Olympics before and after the end, domestic football began from Super League coach Lippi will return to the news, there is speculation that Italy may coach Hengda or Hong Kong this emerging nouveau riche in hand, but considering all the factors, the rumors are not reliable. Yesterday, the Italy media and Brazil media both to confirm the tone that Lippi will return to Hengda coach. Just as his disciple Conca, also said that "not to return to the China work" Lippi afraid to go back". Although Hengda club and the current team coach Scolari maintained a more friendly cooperative relationship, but the past year coaching has also caused controversy. Scolari helped the team scored second championship title in 3 years AFC Champions League, and led the team to successfully defend the Super League champions, but it seems that we need a new change, and has a high prestige among the players, coaches and club team Lippi in return, apparently this is expected to match together hengda. The insider said, Hengda way, not to sign up for a moment, they will not open with any coach, foreign aid cooperation official, but the return of Lippi almost That’s final. As for the foreign media speculation Lippi will get a total of 60 million euros in the next 3 years, the salary is not accurate. It is reported that the Lippi team in the 2014 season to get a total salary of Hengda was $10 million. (commissioning editor Hu Xuerong and Yang Lei)相关的主题文章: