The sea faint Hou Tomb of more than 400 pieces of cultural relics will be unveiled at the Capital

More than 400 pieces of cultural relics of Hai Hou tomb will be unveiled at the capital museum, and the horseshoe is put into the showcase. The capital museum provides photo staff now exhibit bronze Yan lamp. The picture is provided by the capital museum. The capital museum provides complete perturbation components exhibit bells. The picture is provided by the capital museum. The capital museum provides photo original title: Sea faint Hou Tomb of more than 400 pieces of cultural relics will be unveiled the first blog in new network Beijing on 29 February, March 2nd (reporter Yu Lixiao) – Nanchang Han Dynasty "five Hyun Yao Hai Hou faint archaeological achievements exhibition" will be carried out at the Capital Museum in March 2nd, will be on display porcelain, jade, bronze, bamboo furniture and other components of 441 tooth angle of precious cultural relics. The coffin found in the main indoor gold cake and a record number of golden horseshoe, Han archaeological history of our country’s. The sea since 2011 began to explore faint Hou tombs have been unearthed at the end of 2015, gold, bronze, iron, jade, lacquer ware, pottery, bamboo, straw, bamboo and wooden slips, textiles and other kinds of precious cultural relics more than 20000. Among them, in a bed room on the west side of the main house, found two boxes of gold cake and a box of golden horseshoe horseshoe, a total of 25 gold, 189 gold gold cake, a tomb in the history of our country’s archaeology. Archaeological experts said that the Hai Hou Hou tomb is the largest, best preserved, the most rich connotation of the Han Dynasty settlement site, the archaeological value is more than Changsha Mawangdui Han tomb, and selected in 2015 "China’s six new archaeological discoveries" column. Who were the masters of the tombs of the Han Dynasty in the Han Dynasty? Archaeological experts have concluded that the tomb is likely to be the shortest reign in the Han Dynasty emperor of the sun Liu he. Liu he lived through twists and turns, ups and downs, 5 year old xijue became the second generation king of Changyi, at the age of 19 after the throne, was spent 27 days later, the emperor was disgraced for faint Hou hai. According to reports, will be exhibited in the first Bo Sea faint Hou tombs part of cultural relics, can prove the identity of the tomb owner, including a "" and "", "" the golden horseshoe, key evidence of the identity of the tomb, private printing, as well as a number of security has just completed the repair work of fine bronze. It is worth looking forward to is the main tomb unearthed a total of 14 pieces of complete bells, inlaid with exquisite gilt decoration, will also be available. It has been revealed that many of the cultural relics are on display for the first time. The "five colored dazzle" exhibition held at the capital museum will show the important archaeological excavation results from four aspects. The first part is the introduction, "Hou discovered" sea country faint Hou found the ruins and excavations and Hou’s basic situation. The second part is the "princely dignity", through the five aspects of music, to dress, fashion, and cult spirits gold storage such as instrument, showing when the royal nobles of the political system and daily life. The third part exhibition concern is the secret identity of the tomb, "- exhibition through the cultural relics and literature dialogue, with detailed evidence and documentary evidence, uncover the mystery and the identity of the owner, his time in history. The fourth part shows the complement and close cooperation of the protection and archaeological excavation of the Han Dynasty in the Han Dynasty in Nanchang. Capital museum director said, from 5

海昏侯墓400余件文物将亮相首都博物馆 马蹄金被摆入展柜。 首都博物馆提供 摄 工作人员正在布展青铜雁鱼灯。图片由首都博物馆提供。 首都博物馆提供 摄 完成布展的编钟组件。图片由首都博物馆提供。 首都博物馆提供 摄   原标题:海昏侯墓400余件文物将于3月2日亮相首博   中新网北京2月29日电 (记者 于立霄)《五色炫曜——南昌汉代海昏侯国考古成果展》将于3月2日在首都博物馆开展,届时将展出瓷器、玉器、青铜器、竹木牙角家具等441组件珍贵文物。其中在主椁室内发现的金饼和马蹄金数量,创下了我国汉墓考古史上之最。   汉代海昏侯墓葬自2011年开始发掘至2015年年底,已出土金器、青铜器、铁器、玉器、漆木器、陶瓷器、竹编、草编、纺织品和简牍、木牍等各类珍贵文物两万多件。其中,在主椁室西侧的一个床榻下,发现了两盒金饼和一盒马蹄金,马蹄金共25枚、金饼189枚,创下了我国汉墓考古史上之最。   有考古专家称,海昏侯墓葬是目前我国发现的面积最大、保存最好、内涵最丰富的汉代侯国聚落遗址,考古价值超过长沙马王堆汉墓,并入选2015年“中国六大考古新发现”之列。   汉代海昏侯墓葬的主人究竟是谁?考古专家曾断定,墓主很可能是汉代在位时间最短的汉武帝之孙刘贺。刘贺一生经历曲折、坎坷,5岁袭爵成了第二代昌邑王,19岁时继皇位,27天后被废,遭汉宣帝贬黜为海昏侯。   据介绍,即将在首博展出的海昏侯墓葬部分文物,能证明墓主人的身份,包括带有“上”、“中”、“下”字样的马蹄金,墓主人身份的关键性证据——私印,以及一批刚刚完成文保修复工作的精美青铜器。值得期待的是,主墓出土的一套共14枚完整编钟,上嵌有精美的鎏金纹饰,也将面世。据透露,不少文物都是首次展出。   此次在首都博物馆举行的《五色炫曜》展览,将从四个方面展示这一重要考古发掘成果。第一部分为“惊现侯国”,介绍海昏侯国遗址的发现与发掘以及侯国的基本情况。第二部分为“王侯威仪”,通过礼乐宴飨、盛装出行、酎金积贮、生活风尚、祭礼如仪等五个方面,展示当时皇室贵胄的有关政治制度和日常生活。   值得关注的是展览第三部分——揭秘“墓主身份”,展览通过文物与文献对话的方式,以详实的物证和书证,揭开墓主身份之谜,和他那个时代的历史尘封。第四部分则展示南昌汉代海昏侯国遗址保护和考古发掘工作相辅相成、紧密配合的成果。   首都博物馆负责人表示,由于想观展的市民太多,首博这次采取预约参观的方式。3月2日至18日,只重点接受专业团体预约,服务专业人员对该项考古的深化研究,面向个人预约观众每天名额为1000人。19日开始,不再接受团体预约,全部预约名额向个人开放,每日名额为5000人。(完) 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章: