The school sent the child parents EPSCO transcripts about 100000 no new network links – in ca1871

The school sent the child parents EPSCO "about 100000 links – no transcript of Beijing newspaper news (correspondent Ma Qiang) certain parents Hello, your child in our recent monthly exam result has been sent to your mobile phone, please check……" Life, parents received a text message sent to the school, most will not wait to click on the view, so that the first time to understand the child’s academic situation. As everyone knows, some criminals could thus see the "opportunities" to start the school paper, stealing money from the parents. August 26th, the Hongze County procuratorate prosecution, the court of First Instance sentenced to four years in prison for theft Jeky, and fined $5000 yuan. In April this year, residents of Hongze County Zhao received a school paper message prompted her child’s achievement has been recorded in the school website, please download the software she timely query. See "Telecom" message, Ms. Zhao did not think the first time on the point of opening messages with links. After the click, the phone just flashed a few times to restore to the message interface, what link did not open. Zhao also thought it was a problem with the phone, specializing in the vicinity of the mobile business hall to see. As Ms Zhao anxiously waiting for the personnel inspection, received her mobile phone to online banking, Alipay, WeChat wallet payment platform SMS alerts, some verification code, some is the direct consumption of SMS, less than 10 minutes, Zhao a mobile phone and bind the bank card has more than 10 million yuan of money being transferred out. Found that the situation is not right, Zhao immediately alarm. After receiving the report, police found through technical means, Zhao and bank card bundled mobile phone by criminals implanted malicious Trojan virus, leading to their personal information and bank card account password was stolen, causing significant property damage. After further review, the police found that there were a dozen parents due to delayed the link in the message in the near future, a total of more than 20 yuan stolen. April 26th, the police through technical means to restore the trajectory of the crime, and arrested the suspect Jeky in Hainan. According to Jeky account, since November 2015, he registered third party through the use of SMS platform, take the domain name false conversion, forged "school EPSCO" message, and Trojan horses in the message, click on the link by the victim, steal or break each other and fraudulent online banking passwords. As of the incident, Jeky cumulative crime more than 20 times, the victim involved in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong and other places, a total of more than 30 yuan of illegal income.相关的主题文章: