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The salary list TOP10:C Luomeixi highest Football Super three foreign aid list – the top football sports Sohu pay 10  Beijing time on November 13th, the British media reported that the "mirror", before the date of a salary survey, the Premier League is the highest average annual salary of the world football league, 20 team all the players to achieve an average annual salary of 2 million 500 thousand pounds, is two times in Serie A and La Liga, the Bundesliga and the three major league. Although the Premier League is rich, but on the football player salary list, the league dominated and swept the top three, C Ronaldo and Messi, the highest annual salary, a staggering 18 million 980 thousand pounds in third is Baer, the star of the Welsh annual salary of 18 million 200 thousand pounds. In the world of football players’ salaries in the top 10, more than three foreign players on the list, which is huerke, Pele and Ravitch, three players of the annual salary reached 16 million 640 thousand pounds, 14 million 200 thousand pounds and 13 million 500 thousand pounds. British media said the "mirror", which is composed of a mechanism for the 17 richest 7 of the world’s largest sports league, as many as 333 teams involved in the investigation of nearly 10 thousand athletes out of the. That is to say, in the world of football level, has been included in one of the richest in the league. It is necessary to point out that most of the 10 team is united into the list, a total of 3 players were Pogba, Rooney and Ibrahimovic, this can also explain why the Red Devils to 5 million 770 thousand pounds an average annual salary of the highest team in world football, even more than Real Madrid and Barcelona are high. It is reported that Manchester United, Manchester City, Real Madrid and Barcelona, Chelsea and other five teams in world football is the highest average annual salary of five teams. The following is a "mirror", according to British media published a survey of the world football player salary list: NO.1 C Ronaldo, Portugal, Spain, Madrid, 18 million 980 thousand NO.1 Messi, born in Argentina, Spain, Barcelona, 18 million 980 thousand NO.3 Baer, Welsh Ji, La Liga, Real Madrid, 18 million 200 thousand NO.4 Hulk, born in Brazil, in Shanghai, Hong Kong, 16 million 640 thousand pound NO.5 Bo Geba, French, English, Manchester, 15 million 510 thousand NO.6 Paley, born in Italy, Super League, Shandong Luneng, 14 million 200 thousand NO.7 Ravitch, born in Argentina, in Hebei, China happy, 13 million 500 thousand NO.7 Rooney, born in England, England, United, 13 million 500 thousand NO.9 Neymar, born in Brazil Barcelona, Spain, 13 million 400 thousand, NO.10 Ibrahimovic, Swedish, Premier League, Manchester United, 13 million (Junior)相关的主题文章: