The routine of God of gamblers playing Maoni Hangzhou hotel boss 5 hours lost 60 thousand yuan-easeljs

The routine of "God of gamblers" playing Maoni Hangzhou hotel boss 5 hours lost 60 thousand yuan have seen the movie "God of gamblers" series? The movie is played by Zhou Runfa’s God of gamblers. Recently, Hangzhou Han Lei (a pseudonym) had two such "God of gamblers", the "God of gamblers" superb game, just five or six hours to let Mr. Han lost 60 thousand yuan. "Cheat" movie gamblers have high technology, and the two "gamblers" only by a pair of ordinary playing cards can be invincible, even when everyone can """. Recently, the two "gamblers" by Hangzhou Tong police station arrested. Set: school driver old Feng and barbecue small Mr Zhu Han is more than and 50 years old this year, opened a hotel in the north of the city of Hangzhou Zhoushan road. I occasionally find a few cards by playing poker. Two gamblers in this story, one is called Lao Feng, less than 50 years old, Hangzhou is a school driver. Another name is Xiao Zhu, more than and 30, Mr. Han in the open side of the hotel, do barbecue business. Old Feng and small Chu set up the first thing that happened in the first half of mr.. In June 11th this year, Mr. Han had supper at a hotel near, happened to meet old feng. Two dozen dozen fight upstream". After supper, Lao Feng proposed early to make "small nine". Not enough people, Lao Feng called Xiao zhu. In a restaurant on the two floor of the corner, the three began on the nine. It’s only half an hour, Mr. Han has already lost. Han said: "this card can not, for a pair of." Old Feng let the hotel chef sent a new card. The whole night, Mr. Han changed three cards. Although there are also win, but each time is to win small lose big. Just over five hours, Mr. Han has lost 60 thousand yuan. 5 in the morning to three end to disband. Surprise: snack stalls boss also been pit Mr. Han met snack stalls boss, the other side also surprised: "I have been pit, this one is not a ghost." Mr. Han immediately went upstairs, but the cards on the table are gone. Dozens of dollars a pair of cards on the throw, how do people get away? Mr. Han called the hotel chef, asked for a license. In this way, Mr. Han really find out one of the cards. June 12th, Mr. Han to find the old driver to identify, that the truth: This is a high-tech cheating poker. Immediately, Mr. Han alarm. "Cooked": prepared 4 vice cards cheated with alarm, Lao Feng said did not know. To find Xiao Zhu, Xiao Zhu has not found to do barbecue business, disappeared. Recently, with the 3Run were old Feng Tong police arrested, was arrested at the same time and day to gamble hotel chef, currently three per capita jingfangxingju. Two "God of gamblers" did not know, once the old Mr. Han Feng in there playing cards, Xiao Zhu in the next match, see the old Feng "game superb, get to know the old feng. Xiao Zhu proposed, there is a kind of high-tech products, can be invincible. The two hit it off, and lock the "target" Mr. han. The same day, Lao Feng arranged, 3Run late, prepared a 4 cheating in poker, and find the hotel chef to cook 1000 yuan Commission, and clearly tell the chef, this is guaranteed to win several pairs of cards, such as name card, take the 4 pairs of cards ready. Chef promised. Jie.相关的主题文章: