The recovery of Tiangong two fairing to transfer the remains of more than 10 people falling area –

The recovery of Tiangong two fairing to transfer the remains of more than 10 people falling area – Sohu military channel map of Yulin City Shenmu county militia emergency detachments in the temple Dabaodang town No. two fairing debris recovery. Zhao Yu Photo Report headquarters, fifth search team found unidentified falling objects in small village o Dabaodang town Shenmu county, suspected Tiangong two fairing wreckage……" 23:29 on September 15th, Shaanxi city of Yulin province Tiangong two fairing wreckage search command communication system recovery came fifth search team leader, Ministry of lands Shenmu county people’s armed forces chief Zhao Yu excited voice. Deputy director of search and rescue, Yulin military district commander Tian Jiguang issued an order: place alert, to be sure to do a good job after the technical staff to confirm the recovery work. Tian Jiguang told reporters, after the launch of Tiangong two, according to estimates, the fairing debris may fall within the territory of Yuyang and Shenmu county of Yulin City, the social situation complex interval people, safe recovery remains an arduous task. To this end, the Yulin Military District in advance to lead the coordination between the military and the establishment of the wreckage search and recovery command, formulate emergency rescue plan. From the 15 day since 19, military officers and militia detachments emergency delivery that arrived at the designated location, prepared to meet the challenge. 15 days 22 hours 04 minutes, the successful launch of Tiangong two, 212 seconds after launch of fairing separation, accurate and fall to the Yulin city in Shaanxi province. Command immediately ordered the personnel began to search the wreckage. The 16 day at 0:51, Tian Jiguang led the Shenmu county militia emergency unit 45 people rushed to the scene, after went to the Jiuquan satellite launch center technical staff confirmed, 12.7 meters long, 4.2 meters wide fall is half of the Tiangong two fairing shape remained relatively intact, electronic memory editing commonly known as "black box" is safe non destructive. 16, 19:29, Yuyang District Wan Zhen Meng Jia Tan Cun militia Martha Du Luofei report suspected Tiangong two fairing wreckage unidentified falling objects found in about 9 km away from the desert. Braved heavy rain, the search team after more than 3 hours of travel to the scene. 17 days 11 when, Yuyang district militia emergency unit will be the first time out of the wreckage of the desert dome, the dome over debris and electronic editing memory to the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center Technical staff. So far, the Yulin Military District bear the Tiangong two wreckage search and recovery mission accomplished fairing. Yulin Army division commissar Shi Jianguo introduced the search and recovery mission, the militia has invested 1200 passengers, issuing various types of promotional materials 20 thousand, transfer predetermined falling area within the scope of the masses more than 10 people, successfully completed quickly search and recovery tasks.相关的主题文章: