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Pets If you do not readily have access to the outdoors, you will need to consider paper training for potty training puppies and house training puppies. This can be successfully ac.plished by following the simple potty training for puppies 2 step process explained here. This training process will need to take place in an area of your home where you dont mind placing papers for what will hopefully be a short training period. You will need to confine your dogs and puppies to an area around the paper either by placing the dogs and puppies in one room or through the use of baby or gates made for dogs and puppies. Be sure that you have puppy proofed the area for any objects that they could chew on or otherwise endanger themselves with. Your dogs and puppies will get used to eliminating on the paper and will develop a favorite spot. As he does this, you will begin to remove papers that are furthest away from the area that they are eliminating in working towards the area closest to where your dogs and puppies are eliminating. You will be training your dogs and puppies to target the paper by gradually moving the paper in the direction of where you want him to eliminate. Take your dogs and puppies to the papered area when it is time for him to eliminate such as when he has finished a meal or when he has had some water. This is the simple potty training for puppies 2 step process. Step 1 he eats, step 2 you take him to the paper. Be sure to take your dogs and puppies to the paper when he wakes up and after playing. A good rule of thumb is about every 30 to 45 minutes. This is the easy potty training for puppies 2 step process again. Step 1 he wakes up, step 2 take him to the paper. As your puppy develops and improves bladder and bowel control, or if you are paper training a larger dog, you will want to increase the area in which your dogs and puppies are allowed. Do this on a gradual basis. Make sure that you are with your dogs and puppies to prevent any accidents. Should you see that he needs to eliminate, simply put him back in the papered area. As with all other aspects of training, be sure to give your dogs and puppies the highest praise when they have eliminated on the paper. Your puppy should be trained within a couple of weeks using this easy potty training for puppies and house training puppies 2 step process. The disadvantage to this method versus taking the puppy outside is that it will probably take longer, because it is more tedious placing the papers on the floor and removing the papers. The paper training method of potty training puppies can be successfully mastered with patience and persistence using the easy 2 step Potty Training for Puppies process. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: