The prevalence of Peking University towards death 3 amputation half 1 5 years (Figure) –

The prevalence of Peking University towards death: 3 amputation half 1 5 years (Figure) – Beijing Wei Yanzheng after amputation on Meili Xue Shan. Author: Chinese Youth Daily reporter Jiang Xin? Youth online video director: Liu Pan H5: Youth financial media studio editing: Jiang Wei? We can not predict the length of life, but can let the life become more depth. At the end of his life, Wei Yanzheng devoted all his wisdom and experience to write a few articles, as he bid farewell to the world. As a non professional author, the text within a short period of his alumni circle, most of the social elite of the Peking University Graduates detonated, and quickly get social attention. And the world’s rare malignant tumor – clear cell sarcoma struggle for 5 and a half years, an amputation, the transfer of the 2, the 3 operation. This will be "strong and optimistic" and "unyielding" words written into the life of man knows his time is running out. One day after the beginning of autumn, the life of only 41 years old. He spent the last few years writing, laughing, dying. Peking University Alumni Liu Xuehong remember, the last time the news of the Wei Yanzheng was released, is 8 months ago. When one of his lumbar erosion by cancer cells necrosis, soon after cancer surgery third times. On the operating table, then Wei Yanzheng also joked: "I changed the festival eroded empty vertebrae, should be able to stand up!" Surgery need to PD1 antibodies, each price of up to 24 thousand yuan, the use of each of the 3, the use of at least 3 times, only this one requires a $about 200000 treatment fee. Wei Yanzheng and his wife, has been reluctant to trouble due to illness, affect others, not in the medical expenses on difficult tell too many people, our alumni in learned of his situation, he began to spontaneously organize fund-raising on the internet. Peking University Alumni Association in the "WeChat public release fundraising called the North Wei Yanzheng dormitory with brothers, went to his home and found the bank card number, by Mrs. Wei Yanzheng after the confirmation, the donation information release. Less than 33 hours to raise funds of $990 thousand, more than 6000 people involved. Because the operation risk, the hospital blood donation blood preparation family before operation, a lot of Wei Yanzheng are not familiar with the person to know the news, go to the hospital for blood donation directly. During the operation, the fifth day Wei Yanzheng lumbar bones were all broken out, blood loss was 5000cc, every day to blood transfusion after operation. An anonymous Peking University Alumni, organized more than 20 employees in its Shanghai branch, the collective to donate blood for Wei Yanzheng. "Before, everyone is his persistence and courage touched against death." Liu Xuehong said. In the eyes of many people, Wei Yanzheng has been living a very clear, very good to arrange their own lives. In Wei Yanzheng, there were a lot of rings and titles. Bachelor of computer science and economics, National University of Singapore, master of electronic engineering, Peking University, University of Southampton, computer science and information systems research fellow…… Wei Yanzheng once said: "life is not satisfied with my battles, calm, intend to return to this piece of rose.相关的主题文章: