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News-and-Society If you are just finding out that you have the power to choose your own electricity provider, you are certainly not alone. It was back in 2002, when the Texas state legislature restructured the states energy market through deregulation. Their actions instantly created a .petitive market. This allowed business and residential consumers the power to choose an alternative energy provider, than the one that was currently delivering electricity services and products. For well over 100 years, utility .panies in Texas had a monopoly on delivering services to specific regions in the state. As a monopoly, their pricing structure was determined by both the utility .panies, and state regulators. Since the deregulation happened, nearly every consumer of electricity in the state of Texas has the power to choose a new provider that offers lower rates. Benefits to a Budget Having the power to choose lower utility rates offers an even easier way to manage a household or business budget. Just like opting to select between .peting cable, Internet and phone services, homeowners and business owners can choose from a variety of plans and pricing options that can substantially lower monthly utility costs. Customers can choose a variable rate plan that provides great flexibility and has no requirement for an agreement or contract. Alternatively, customers can also choose to sign a contract and purchase the electricity at a fixed rate. The .petition .petitive electricity suppliers will offer a variety of pricing plans that reflect the current energy market. Nearly every .pany offers variable plans that fluctuate with factors that might include hourly electricity demands, or the rising and lowering of fossil fuels used to generate power. Other .panies offer fixed rates, where the consumer can select the price that stays the same for months or years, based on the terms and conditions of a contract. Reliable Service Having the power to choose to switch Texas electricity providers does not mean an interruption in service. Consumers will still receive very reliable service, where the same utility .pany will deliver the power to the business or home. The same wires, meters, and transmission lines will continue to deliver energy to the structure. Consumers will still contact the local utility .pany anytime the power goes out, or there is an emergency electric situation. While consumers do not have to switch providers if they do not want to, due to regulation, they now have the power to choose lower prices. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: