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The pilot was 20 seconds ahead of target points cause surprises – Sohu Military Channel ahead 20 seconds to complete the task of anti why be penalized? The southern theater air force aviation brigade to strengthen awareness of accurate battlefield requirements — "a bad temper" Yinggong Washington: autumn, a southern airspace, the southern theater air force aviation brigade a ground assault exercise in full swing. The pilot commander Li Tao in accordance with the instructions, low altitude penetration and tactical maneuver, implementation of the assault on the enemy ground target. Data show that he arrived at the designated airspace and precision strikes of the time, and the minute instructions. The tour leader said, they close combat training requirements, the pilots’ precise combat consciousness is more and more strong, penetration tactics under the background of the assault capacity to effectively enhance. What exactly is on the battlefield? A combat experience let the brigade pilots unforgettable: in early July, the brigade in combat exercises in northwest of China, pilot Chen Jialong flexible use of electronic jamming, tactical maneuvering and terrain avoidance, low altitude penetration success, soon found the ground search target, subduction, sighting and emission from the target one, "ashes to ashes", by the time of the attack than the command command "K" 20 seconds faster. Just as the pilot hit the target and pleased when the judge directed group: scheduled "assault target K", the error of 20 seconds, the pilot did not reflect on time, on time to destroy, to be penalized. Why is deducted in advance to complete the task? Director of the Department to give the answer: the future of air combat is a system of confrontation, pull the hair and the whole body, must be precise convergence, assault will expose the intention of the war will be too late, the party will affect other operations launched. Only with all combat forces on the same frequency, in order to play the overall combat effectiveness, to combat effectiveness. In this sense, fast is the error when delays, delaying fighter. To this end, the total score of 100 points, hit only 8 points, while the score on time has a score of 12. By analogy, the brigade for exposure problems, highlighting the precise consciousness, beat the Polish forces the ability to fight. Causes of time error is found, and the pilot assessment center together by replay the exchange of existing vehicles, every action, every link in flight, route planning is not scientific, not maneuver fine short board has been sorted out…… Arrive on time, cannot do without destroying the accurate calculation, the brigade pilot to focus on technology research and Reflection on problems, required around the route planning, each maneuver time accurate calculation, and strive to accurate awareness into every field, flight sorties assault training in return. The surplus of actuarial have odds in the Gulf War, Saudi troops in Dhahran barracks were Scud missiles hit, killing 28 people dead and 98 injured. The cause of failed to intercept Iraqi Scud, is "the accumulation of long time running Patriot missile software system 0.3433 seconds error. "Shoot but not in, and the same with the vector." Information warfare, is the least bit of difference, difference. From the world in recent years of war, precision guided weapons to occupy the absolute protagonist, acupuncture type "pull type" cut ".相关的主题文章: