The pilot virtual operators dilemma fraud multiple profit difficult

The pilot virtual operators dilemma: fraud multiple profit difficult fraud prone profitability difficult waiting for adoption of virtual operators pilot in a prospective college students due to telecom fraud death "news recently spread throughout the network, the" 171 "section of the telephone again will push up the virtual operators in the teeth of the storm. On the other hand, has been named the Ministry of virtual operators did not seem to find sustenance in two and a half years pilot: not only to withstand the pressure loss, it is difficult for the user – the official license has considerable scale pending, behind the awkward time. The crime of section 171? The day before, Linyi City, a poor prospective students because Xu received a telephone fraud, cheated 9900 yuan tuition, in the evening and father alarm return, Xu suddenly fainting, although in the hospital more than two days, still due to cardiac and respiratory arrest death. It is understood that this year, Xu to the college entrance examination scores 568 points was admitted to a university in Nanjing, but in August 19th around 4:30 in the afternoon, there is a mobile phone number to make strange to her mother’s mobile phone, the other claiming to have a grant to Xu, the day is the last day. Because the notice before the education department has received grants, Xu for gospel truth, as requested by the other party rushed to a nearby bank, through automatic teller machine a. According to Xu’s narrative, she did not succeed through the ATM machine. The other learned that she took the tuition fees after the bank card, she took out 9900 yuan on the card, put the money into the designated account, the other side of her $9900 together with the grant of $2600 to fight over. There is no alert Xu in accordance with each other’s argument and then contact with each other, I did not expect the other phone has been shut down. Xu realized that family live frugally saved tuition was cheated, and his father went to the police station. From the police station after returning home, always healthy Xu suddenly fainting, after being rushed to the hospital. August 21st evening 9:30 or so, Xu eventually died or died, the doctor gave the cause of death as respiratory arrest". Xu’s death is a tragedy, people lamented regret. In the industry view, the current phone real name system is not in place after all contributed to the arrogance of telecommunications fraud. Beijing Daily reporter learned that Xu received telephone fraud is "171" numbers beginning in Jiangsu, Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Hunan, Shaanxi and other places, have been involved in section 170171 of the telecommunications fraud. In section 170171 as the main service platform of virtual operators, has become a target for all, the real name system is not in place to implement telecommunications fraud It is often seen. Distance mobile resale business pilot began two and a half years. 2013, the Ministry officially released the mobile resale business pilot program, the program made it clear that the pilot deadline is December 31, 2015". In December 2013, the Ministry issued the first batch of mobile communications resale business pilot approval. Now more than two years in the past, in accordance with the plan, the beginning of this year, issued a formal license for mobile resale has yet to be seen. theory相关的主题文章: