The people’s Liberation Army to combat force of rockets across the sea combat drills ravbin

The people’s Liberation Army to combat force of rockets across the sea combat drill PLA PHL-03 long-range rocket original title: PLA army first army group of rockets across the sea combat drills in August 29th published "jiefangjun Bao" reported that the Liberation Army First Army recently in the eastern coastal areas spread across the sea landing exercises, the artillery brigade training content the troops are included in the "Binhai array, night sea reconnaissance and attack targets" drills. 25, the "Liberation Army Daily reported that the brigade" to sea combat exercises". According to the report, that the observer network military commentator, the Liberation Army First Army brigade in the long-range rocket equipped with new long-range precision guided rocket, the first practical exercise to form long-range rockets across the Strait provide direct fire support for the landing operations combat capability, this is an epoch-making progress for the PLA to fulfill the reunification of the motherland the Holy mission. The first army of the PLA is the key force for military preparations. In mid August, the first army fire brigade far live fire drills in the northwest desert 1 Army Artillery Brigade fielded a new 122 mm 40 tube light modular rocket 29 published in the "Liberation Army Daily fourth edition published the article" cross sea assault fortified positions, not just "ability", long range "and allotted comment" winning the line of sight to go beyond the sea, "Normandy" ". Mentioned in the report, in mid August, the first Army division (observer network note: an amphibious Infantry Division) sea training, the "31 hours of continuous uninterrupted offensive and defensive battle". In the article the troops to improve maritime combat capability for standard training deeds, mentioned in the report of the troops broke through the direct sea limit distance, further standardize the maritime search and rescue, comprehensive supply of more than 10 sea training new standard." Later in this article introduces some new tactics and training methods this year training at sea is a part of the 1 Army troops. Such as "amphibious group is approaching a beach, battlefield intelligence and maritime reconnaissance regiment head Zhu Wei based on real return, timely adjustment of combat deployment and spread to various operational units; special forces to target machine island, the use of laser irradiation system, precision guided air combat aviation implementation; artillery brigade Binhai array, night sea reconnaissance the big gun, angle of lateral shoot and a number of high risk subjects staged alternately" indicating that the 1 Army artillery brigade has been hit across the sea as an important exercise subjects. The first group of military troops under a PLZ-05 type equipment including 52 times the diameter of the remote self-propelled howitzer artillery brigade and equipped with a 300 mm and 122 mm long-range rocket launcher rocket brigade remote module. Today, the "Liberation Army Daily article mentioned may be one of the troops. A few days ago and read newspaper articles can be found on 16 "jiefangjun Bao" reported that 1 Army long-range rocket brigade then went to the northwest area of firing exercises. You can see the army equipment new 122 mm rockets and 300 mm long-range rocket joint live fire drills. In the CCTV for the exercise of the interview, we can see the brigade Sun Weigang interview picture. 25, the "Liberation Army Daily Second Edition" the East China sea.相关的主题文章: