The parents are poor, but they are the best parents

The parents are very poor, but it is the best parent Sohu author | Xie Kai Kehui maternal uncle said kaishushuo "do not send their children to bear the burden of responsibility to them." This is a good story. And the boundaries between the children, not just do not occupy. What is more important is not to pass on the burden to the children. The price of birth is not related to children. Our pain in the hearts of children will be enlarged to the extent that we can not imagine. Sometimes the acceptance of the child, it is not accepted on our own. What kind of parents are smart parents? I accompany you to grow, but not necessarily require you to wait me to the old. My efforts are not all for you, but our day together, you feel happy, I look happy, it is enough. I suddenly thought of such a passage. A few days ago, Lin Lin and her mother, suddenly felt that the parents of a child’s life in a section of the track, all the way to a happy day, in order to song all the way. Lin Bing is my neighbor, young age, very thin very thin. In those years, her classroom in our downstairs, passing by, she always sat in the first row, across the podium, I always feel that the teacher is not easy to see her. Lin Bing thin in addition to natural, but also because her family really hard. His father was a sanitation worker, and his mother worked in the streets. In fact, in the end of 90s, such a family, the monthly income may not be up to 1000 yuan. Three people live in a small house near the brick, the most valuable is a small television, a family of three nest often eat in the small table, eat a meal to wipe clean, Lin Bing began to spread out homework books. In fact, as long as there is no economic and interest exchanges, no one will be too concerned about other people’s lives, children and children will not. Lin Bing often goes with us to the small garden in the opposite side, and then goes to eat fried food on the street. Fried food may not be so healthy, but it is a good childhood. She could not imagine someone so sensible, never as "my parents live very hard, I want to live frugally" such words, because we buy snacks, she will follow to buy. Later, her mother and my mother said, go out, always let Lin Bing with 2 yuan, can’t let her in front of other children lost the original happiness and freedom. Later, Lin Bing told me that she now found himself not sensible, perhaps 5 cents, for the mother, you can buy a bowl of good dishes. Lin Bing said she knew that when he was a child, the family condition is not very good, look back and found that it is a poor. Whether a child can be happy or not, to a large extent, depends on whether or not the parents are happy. No one is carrying the weight of the daughter child, can not feel hard to feel tired; not a growth in Voices of discontent. In the child, can feel that life can be good. Together with their parents, the day is the most direct and intuitive way for the child to reach the world, and perhaps, after many years, it is still rooted in相关的主题文章: