The old cadre’s! Wallace Huo appeared at the airport not to let the anger shot shot (Figure)-lformat

The old cadre’s! Wallace Huo at the airport called lens not to shoot (Figure) Wallace Huo called Wallace Huo shot recently, head cover peaked cap low-key appearance airport, causing fans onlookers. But always with "good character" with the old cadres, this suddenly changed the style of the past, the black’s finger shot not to shoot. Wallace Huo, according to Taiwan media reports, since the debut of the artist 19 years ago, the fans are out of the name of the kind, not the shelf, but did not do any social networking account, less chance to interact with fans. Wallace Huo not because love exposure private life, since his debut not used micro-blog, Facebook fans, but recently in a magazine interview, said he had applied for an account in Post Bar "is called me, uncle Huo", and "Wallace Huo" message and fans, "you want to greet you good, I really did not expect, but no one believed to be one, not long after it was blocked, so he felt angry and funny, still keep the screenshot.相关的主题文章: