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The official listing of the official listing of the Golden Swallow stocks: the hair plan is not a stock of ideas, right? Sina App: Live on-line blogger to help guide the stock masters 20 years of experience in the market speculation by veteran Jiepan "ant gold service concept stocks, Zhejiang ant small and micro financial services group (hereinafter referred to as" the ant gold service) in August 24th the public response to the rumors in the A shares on the City, said no clear plan. Then, as the ants gold clothing’s most well-known business sector, Alipay in its official WeChat public number issued at ant gold clothing listed rumors: "Mao listed plans do not have it, and this is what stocks, shares ideas?" "Every two or three months to have a hair……" Every time there is a nose with eyes". After the news, Alibaba affiliates ant gold clothing group is seeking Shanghai listed on the main board, insiders said that if the ant gold suit may be listed IPO the largest domestic market since 2010. After the listing of the ants in the future will become a gold market value of more than 100 billion U.S. dollars of Super enterprises, to achieve the feat of recreating a Alibaba. This news stimulation, including Joincare (600380), Hefei urban construction (002208), new Hualian (000620) and other listed companies, with ant payment service list of shareholders, have turned the ant gold service stocks". Among them, Joincare due to the disclosure of which invested 73 million 340 thousand shares of Shanghai by the investment center in August 19th announcement (limited partnership), holding 7.3267%, and Shanghai by the investment center (limited partnership) holds "ant gold suit about 0.42% of the shares, shares rose nearly 20%. The evening of August 23rd, Joincare issued to clarify the announcement, said the company indirectly holds the equivalent of ant payment service 0.0308% stake, equity ratio is very small, the company does not constitute a significant impact. The same is considered to be the gold ant service stocks the new friend shares already issued to clarify the announcement that in August 23rd, the company involved in the investment fund industry is still in the registration, not investment ant payment service, there is no equity relationship rumors of Shanghai Kingburg industry fund company. By a great deal of attention to the capital of the ant gold service, in July 2015 and in April 2016 were carried out A, B two rounds of financing. After two rounds of financing, the valuation of the loan from the $A $45 billion, increased to $60 billion. At present, the ant financial services group’s Alipay, the balance of treasure, treasure, treasure, commercial bank, ants ants, ants, flowers chant sesame credit financial cloud, as the ants off other sub segment. The business sector in the China mobile payment, Internet banking, credit and other areas are ranked in the forefront of the internet. It is worth mentioning that, almost every once in a while, the ants will be listed on the market to open the news. For example, in February last year, the ant gold suit for A round of financing, have quoted the financing available information that the ant payment service in 2017 listed on the A shares, and has been selected as IPO’s financial advisor cicc. As far as相关的主题文章: