The ocean hole West Lake the desire to G20 China opportunities –

The ocean hole West Lake: the desire to G20 Chinese opportunities – the news agency of the new network in Hangzhou in August 29, (Zhao Yejiao Mei Fangyan) with the G20 summit near Hangzhou, Canada outstanding designer Rozemerie Cuevas full of expectations, because she is likely to get the Canadian Prime Minister Justin in the West Lake in Hangzhou? Trudeau met, she wanted to tell the prime minister, she will own clothing brand Jac to Chinese, also become Hangzhou people and partners together to create a business cooperation between the two sides is very good. In Hangzhou, more and more foreigners, like Rozemerie, feel the opportunities and opportunities of Hangzhou, and they gradually integrate into the city. Data show that in the international environment perplexing situation, the first half of 2016, Hangzhou city’s GDP (GDP) 502 billion 118 million yuan, an increase of 10.8%, the growth rate ranks the first vice provincial city. Australia Tim guy in Hangzhou Dongshan get community residents are willing to teach English, a force for the G20 summit in Hangzhou, from Hangzhou to his sense of belonging, inclusive sense, "the feeling from the night ride feel the vitality of the city, from the Hangzhou people have enthusiasm. Once, I ask for foreign tourists, while I was speaking in Hangzhou the way of historical stories, at that moment, I feel myself into Hangzhou." "The G20 Hangzhou summit is a great opportunity for the world to know about Hangzhou. I want to do something about it. It’s a beautiful city. I hope more people will know it." Tim says. In Hangzhou for a long time, Tim like the bridge here, like the image of the bridge, you can communicate with the connection, I hope I can do a bridge to communicate with the people of Hangzhou and foreign friends. For Tim relish the sense of belonging, tolerance, largely from the city can provide the opportunity to Hangzhou". "I love Hangzhou, Hangzhou has provided me with a very good entrepreneurial environment." From Yorkshire Rachel Addy, is a fashion designer, since her clothing label "Made in China" guide to Hangzhou, he fell in love with the city. A year ago, Rachel Addy founded the fashion design company in Hangzhou, the company is now operating towards stability, she brought the British boyfriend also Hangzhou, two people together to fight. "Before I told people that I was working in Hangzhou, they would say," where? My answer is: very close to Shanghai, about 200 km." Here, the French photographer Rodolphe Toucas shrugged his shoulders, but he said, now is not the same, and then referred to Hangzhou, they will say, oh, G20! This change makes him eager for the G20 summit in Hangzhou, when the international popularity of the rise, which means that the opportunity will be more and more favor of him, the city. Australia’s Mark Foxwell, to find their own opportunities in Hangzhou West Lake, currently serves as general manager of Hangzhou Hyatt hotel. The five star hotel gave him a higher career, he相关的主题文章: