The next 2 days, Hebei local frost rain yesterday, the minimum temperature of -1.1 degrees C-sweets parade

The next 2 days of rain in Hebei local minimum temperature -1.1 frost yesterday 19 days of 14, the province’s sunny, the air quality is excellent, the whole province, blue sky and white clouds, a cloudless blue sky, the visibility in more than 20km. With the sun, the air humidity down, basically 30%-50%, at the same time, the temperature in most areas than yesterday also engraved with different degrees of recovery in 14 when the south central region temperature is 23-25 degrees, a picture of an invigorating autumn climate. Affected by the high altitude northwest flow and surface cold high pressure, from 20 to 20 in the morning, sunny weather, the lowest temperature of 2-4 DEG C continue to decline in the central and southern regions, the minimum temperature is 12-16 DEG C, Bashang area of frost. The next three days, the temperature picked up slowly. 19 night, the province cloudy. It should be noted that, on the morning of 20, the central and southern regions of the lowest temperature will continue to decline 2-4 degrees C, the coldest time in the morning up to 12-16 degrees C. The frost is the first frost of the year. Refers to the growing season because the temperature dropped to an agricultural meteorological disaster of 0 DEG C or below 0 DEG C to the plants. Local villagers have to guard against. May take the cover method and the fumigation method and so on, according to the different situation choice. 20 day, Zhangjiakou, Chengde, Baoding, northwest turn cloudy, cloudy and sunny in other areas. 20 on the night to 21, Zhangjiakou, Western Chengde cloudy overcast with showers or sporadic showers, other areas sunny cloudy. 21 to 22 at night, northwest cloudy with showers or rain, other areas cloudy. Related news (reporter Ma Dongsheng), according to the provincial meteorological department monitoring, yesterday morning, Zhangjiakou County, the minimum temperature dropped to -1.1 degrees C, the lowest ground temperature of 1 degrees C, there was the first frost. This morning is expected to continue to decline, the lowest temperature of 2 DEG -4 DEG in central and southern Hebei, the minimum temperature can reach 12 DEG -16 DEG C, the lowest temperature in most areas will be reduced to the lowest level since the summer (below 15), Bashang area of frost. Expected during the day, the highest temperature in most areas of Hebei continue to rise, northern districts (Zhangjiakou, Chengde, Tangshan, Qinhuangdao) the highest temperature is 23 DEG -26 DEG, central and southern regions and districts in the city is 25 DEG -26 deg. Tomorrow during the day, the highest temperature in most areas continue to rise slightly, central and southern regions and districts in the city for the 26 -27 DEG C; the September 22nd day, the highest temperature in most areas continue to increase. The central and southern regions and districts in the city is 26 DEG -28 deg. Hebei this week, there are two major rainfall process: 21 -22 days, the northwest region has light rain; the -25 day of 23, the northern and western regions have light rain. 20 to 25, the central and southern regions of the adverse weather conditions, air quality for light – moderate pollution, local heavy pollution, the northern region is good – mild pollution. The newspaper news (reporter Cui Hong) yesterday, the provincial capital once again usher in good weather, not only sunny, and the air is very fresh. The reporter learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, the weather today and tomorrow, the capital is still good, temperature.相关的主题文章: