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The new season Volleyball League bonus over 15 million next season or 30 million sports Sohu – Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Zheng, Li Li, Wang Yong Chinese Volleyball League held 26 2016 – 2017 season launch ceremony. After the signing of the new business operations to promote the window of the culture of sports Limited by Share Ltd, the new season of the Chinese volleyball league with a new look in front of the public. For many years, the process of the commercialization of the volleyball league has finally opened. At the ceremony, the window of the China Volleyball Association and sports said development strategy will jointly promote the China Volleyball League and operation, to attract social forces to build volleyball industry chain business system, especially puts forward the innovation of the establishment of "three major league" to promote the development of the league. Sports window CEO Gao Hong said that the new season’s investment model will create a business partner alliance". The new season of the Volleyball League will no longer use the title sponsor of the model, but from the classification system of the Olympic partners, divided into "official joint founding partners, the official sponsor and the official supplier of" three grades. Different grades have different business interests, to maximize the enthusiasm of partners. Volleyball League will also create new media alliance, which include the signal content is being developed in the production platform of VolleyballTV (VTV), CCTV, local television, digital media, media etc.. In the live event will also maximize the increase the league’s interesting and entertaining experience for fans to create a full range of spectators. In addition, in order to make up for the short season Chinese Volleyball League and Sports Association China weakness, will also be a window to start "City Partnership", strengthen cooperation between each of the host city, enhance the quality of competition, while the promotion of Volleyball in the league, to encourage people to participate. In the specific operation of the league, China association has launched a series of reform measures. The national volleyball Administration Center Deputy Director Liu Wenbin proposed the new season Volleyball League "Ten Changes", including allowing domestic players "two transfer", restart the all star game, ranking set bonus. Liu Wenbin said that the new season will be set up in the League three transfer period, each transfer period to allow the domestic players do not have the task of transfer to other clubs continue to play. This means that in the same season, a player may represent two different clubs. In addition, it has been interrupted for 10 years in the Volleyball League all star game will restart, the time is expected to be around one week after the spring festival. Liu Wenbin said that the all star game is not just a game, but to form a "activity". He said: "the all star event will be rich in content, diverse forms, and we are in contact with neighboring countries, outside the league, hoping to allow them to participate in the formation of interaction." Another major change in the new season Volleyball League is the establishment of the bonus, the total amount of not less than 15 million, the league’s top eight are bonuses. Liu Wenbin revealed that the new season will be added to the best foreign aid award. It is reported that next season’s bonus will likely rise to 300"相关的主题文章: