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The new regulations for all hypocritical! A small accident blocking traffic will severely chastise Sohu automobile car [produced] was no secret to the child the first day of school, every year to September 1st, morning and evening peak driving congestion degree equivalent to a nightmare, who let the home is a child, then the children can not suffer plugging. However, this accident rate will be doubled, even if the owner of the car is cautious, but also inevitably rub touch with other cars. When the accident occurred, some novice due to lack of experience, in the face of the sudden accident caused after the car is at a loss, congestion, so Beijing heavy governance " small accident blocking the road " a minor traffic accident, if not fast to move the car to go, then you should be fined 200 yuan and remember the 3 point penalty…… Beijing City Public Security Traffic Management Bureau accident department responsible person said, to occur between motor vehicle losses caused only the traffic accident, the parties fails to voluntarily withdraw from the scene caused by traffic congestion, the parties shall impose a fine of 200 yuan penalty; a party to leave the scene, the other party refused don’t leave, will be fined 200 yuan penalty to not leave the scene of the party; for failing to turn on the hazard lights, failing to set a warning label Chi, at night without inspiration profile lamp and back lamp, impose a fine of 200 yuan penalty, down 3; traffic accidents caused by the parties and the presence of other traffic violations be punished according to the provisions. Rapid processing of the accident must have the following conditions 1 no casualties, property losses of less than 2000 yuan. 2 responsibility for the accident is not controversial. 3 vehicle collision and can continue to drive. 4 both parties have vehicle insurance. 5 accident parties are willing to go to the same place damage. If your car in the event of an accident, to meet the above conditions can be a quick claim. When the accident occurs, we should first turn on the hazard warning light of the vehicle and set a hazard warning sign on the rear of the vehicle. Doing so can prevent rear car collision, to ensure the safety of passengers and vehicles. After the establishment of a good warning signs, we have to take pictures of the scene of the accident forensics. Take photos of the scene is the main accident to the insurance company in order to provide evidence, in a moving vehicle before the vehicle camera can also avoid the other owners default " ". After taking photos, we want to confirm whether the vehicle is unlicensed unlicensed vehicles, to determine whether the other party to drink. If any of these conditions should be immediately reported to the police, and the vehicle can not be moved; if there is no problem can be moved to the vehicle does not hinder the traffic. Next, we have to check each other documents. To check the documents include: ID card, driver’s license, driving license, license plate number, insurance certificate and annual inspection certificate. Each of the two sides to call the insurance company, to inform the time and place of the accident and loss. Under normal circumstances, the insurance company will receive a report after the accident, a number of the report, the number of reports to fill in the rapid processing of traffic accident agreement need to use.     相关的主题文章: