The new MacBook Pro revenue has exceeded any pen in 2016 – Sohu

The new MacBook Pro’s 2016 revenue has surpassed any pen electric Sohu [Technews] although science and technology science news launched the fourth generation MacBook Pro days ago, because the price is high and the Skylake processor let many people feel unhappy, but including Apple’s own, and market research agencies have pointed out that the MacBook Pro actually surprisingly good sales performance. Although Bar MacBook Pro equipped with Touch until now to start shipping, Taiwan and even the whole series are not yet listed, but according to Slice Analytics, and Apple’s own MacBook Pro said, in addition to revenue has broken Apple generation "Pro" notebook record, also has a computer beat any 2016 at present. Slice Analytics picked up several mainstream pens to compare, like Microsoft’s Surface Book, as well as Apple’s own 12 inches MacBook. Fourth generation MacBook Pro in addition to the creation of Surface has been so far in revenues of up to four times, but also won its own MacBook since April 2015 listing of revenue of $80%. But Slice Analytics also suggested that MacBook Pro in the short-term results, in fact similar to original Apple Watch, consumer groups are dominated by men, are more loyal to apple, and the character is in favor of Geek, for the price of novelty products tolerance is high, therefore, MacBook Pro can only reflect the current results, also it can meet the "enthusiasts" taste. Another Slice Analytics report also pointed out that the purchase of Mac in 2014 40% users will switch to other brands, especially in Dell and ASUS’s most popular, perhaps because of ZenBook, Chromebook, and XPS 13 brings charm of the product, so the overall sales of MacBook Pro will be how to evolution, will be worth watching. Note: Slice Analytics pointed out that their data from 4 million 400 thousand buyers on the network. (source: Apple homepage) for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章: