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The National Tourism Administration of the first eleven "black list": the way cattle and other 7 travel agencies unqualified – Travel Channel Beijing 9 October, today, the National Tourism Administration issued eleven holiday "black list". A number of scenic spots, the best concentration for outstanding travel agencies, tour guides, excellent staff and excellent tourism civilization tourists, but also on the toilet during the holiday revolution lag, dirty environment, management confusion, poor service of tourism business units and employees and uncivilized tourists for exposure. Black list list involving 14 provinces of the scenic spots, the 7 travel agencies, the tour guide and the 6 tourists, 5. The "black list" list, the tourist and scenic staff disputes in Beijing Shidu area, safety, service and identification system, the lack of toilet dirty and messy Zhangjiajie Dragon Cave Scenic Area, are on the list of the worst order comprehensive scenic spot. Jilin Prefecture of Yanbian province 4A level scenic canyon landscape pumice for safety management system is not perfect, the emergency is not perfect, not in place to implement the safety responsibility, safety facilities within the area of old, lack of warning signs, the list of the worst scenic tourism safety and security. The National Tourism Administration has instructed the Jilin Provincial Tourism Department to carry out rectification of scenic spots. In addition, because of service problems, Beijing way cattle travel agency list of substandard travel agency; for tour guide without increased expense items, tourists in scenic graffiti carved, 5 guides and 6 tourists aboard the unqualified tour guide and uncivilized tourists "black list". National Tourism Bureau relevant responsible person said that the launch of the holiday tourism "black list" is a try of eleven this year, to strengthen the supervision of the tourism market, in recognition of advanced, criticized backward, to further enhance the level of tourism service management, to create a holiday tourism market order of joy and harmony. From the implementation point of view, this year’s National Day holiday national tourism system to strengthen the duty scheduling, the overall safety of holiday tourism running smoothly, significantly enhance the quality of tourism services, cultural tourism gradually become fashion, the vast majority of tourism and business units, employees and tourists have withstood the test. In the future, the National Tourism Bureau will continue to increase tourism promotion, praise the positive and negative typical exposure, advanced, supervise, guide enterprises to legitimate business, self-discipline, advocate tourists traveling civilization, and actively create a good environment for tourism development. The black list: Eleven 2016 National Day holiday travel quality statistics (2) comprehensive order in Beijing is the worst scenic spots: Shidu scenic area unqualified Guide: our good high unqualified travel agency: the order of Beijing travel way cattle in Shanghai is the most serious area: Shanghai Sun Island International Club unqualified unqualified Guide: Wang Zihan travel: Shanghai Taishen International Travel Agency: Shanghai is the worst toilet revolution scenic Sun Island International Club tourism has the worst service area: Shanghai Sun Island International Club in Jilin province unqualified Guide: Zhuang Ruijing tourism security is the worst scenic forest landscape area of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region gorge: pumice unqualified unqualified Travel Guide: Liu Jing: ertoke aopeng travel agency in Hubei province unqualified travel: Daye golden holiday travel agency in Hunan Province comprehensive order worst scenic spot: Zhang A circle city dragon hole scenic substandard travel agency: Xiangtan New Century International Travel toilet revolution)相关的主题文章: