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The National Day holiday   Dalian tourism 7 days accounted for 3 billion 637 million yuan, Liaoning channel — original title: Dalian tourism 7 days accounted for 3 billion 637 million yuan during the National Day holiday, Dalian city received a total of 2 million 752 thousand overseas tourists trips, an increase of 11.45%; the city’s tourism revenue 3 billion 637 million yuan, an increase of 12.85%. The city’s main tourist attractions (points) received a total of 3 million 54 thousand and 500 tourists, ticket revenue of $121 million 208 thousand and 700. To connect the car 405 thousand. Reporter yesterday from the National Day holiday travel summary meeting that the National Day holiday period, the city’s tourism market order, safety and no accident, no major tourist complaints, the realization of the "safety, order, quality and efficiency of the" four unified goal. Self driving tour, family tour continued hot National Day holidays, family travel by self driving tour continued hot mainly, the main scenic spots in the parking lot every day full of "Liao", "Ji" and "black" license plate, I drove into the city tour vehicles up to 405 thousand car, an increase of 15.7% in. Self driving tour has become an important way for people to travel. Growing in self driving on behalf of the individual travel, holiday tourism growth in our city the main. Self driving individual travel mostly in high-end consumer groups, they are even longer residence time, the tourism product quality is relatively high, most of the family travel, friends reunion tour, leisure vacation, and watch the scenery, taste delicious seafood, buy seafood, enjoy the romantic – Fashion Dalian style. Since the increase in driving fit tour, greatly promote the holiday tourism consumption level. Hot spring tour, rural tour energy release hot spring leisure vacation travel more and more people to welcome the public and tourists through the hot spring leisure, relax, eliminate fatigue, enjoy a happy mood. During the National Day holiday, Pulandian launched a special tourism line will bo hot springs, hot springs and ink disc min Jian Tang Ju B, plaud manor combination. Pu District, Tang Ming Lake, East Karen, Huaihua, spa and Jinshan Albin Water Park hot springs swimming venue of 62 thousand and 300 tourists, Wafangdian City City, Xiangzhou City Garden 115 thousand and 700 tourists, Ganjingzi District Garden Spa Villa 36 thousand and 400 tourists, Pu District East Sea Spray Suites Hotel 21 thousand and 100 tourists. Rural tourism, suburban travel, fishing tours. The National Day holiday period, Pu District Rural tourism tourists 62 thousand and 100 passengers, Shihe Donggou village tour 34 thousand and 500 tourists, Changhai County "fishing tour" on the 7 day of 39 thousand and 100 tourists. (soup: dragon, commissioning editor Xiao Yuan)相关的主题文章: