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Arts-and-Entertainment In their early days they were not allowed to listen to secular music and were even home-schooled. The only music they were exposed to was the church choir and occasional drum playing for services. It was only after their father Leon Followill resigned from church that the boys started off with their music career. In Nashville they met the songwriter Angelo Petraglia who introduced them to the world of secular music. In 2000 Jared and their cousin Mathew joined Nathan and Caleb and the Kings of Leon was born. The band was named after their father Leon. The bands first record was Holy Roller Novocaine which a 4 out of 5 rating by the Rolling Stones magazine. By 2002 the band earned great reputation in the field of music and became an object of interest for nearly nine label companies. After competitive bidding they finally signed in with RCA records. In United States they were a huge hit and were even labeled the second coming of rock and roll. But initially they faced some problems in making an impact in the United States. Aha Shake Heartbreak was their second album which reached number three on the British charts. They started their touring career as a supporting band to U2 which definitely benefited the bands profile. Just before the release of their third album they did some opening shows for Bob Dylan. Now Kings of Leon Tickets sold for their concerts and shows all around the world. The band toured around 50 cities in Europe and North America in 2010. Their third album Because of the Times reached the No. 1 spot. In 2008 with the release of Only by the Night the band became a success in United States. Their tracks Sex on fire, Notion and Use Somebody all reached the No. 1 spot. The album went on to become the bands first ever platinum-selling album in the US. The bands fifth album Come Around Sundown was released in 2010. They earned a Grammy nomination for the track Radioactive from the same album. An 87 minutes film based on the bands growing up years with their family and their musical journey was released in April 2011. This was premiered in the Tribeca Film Festival held in New York. It was directed by Stephen C. Mitchell and was named after one of their old tracks Talihina Sky. This documentary has been now recently acquired by Showtime. For more information visit: Kings of Leon Tickets 相关的主题文章: