The movie where you are the world premiere of the highly concerned about overseas filmmakers – Sohu

The movie "where are you" world premiere for overseas filmmakers attention – Sohu entertainment director Fan Haolun to attend the Venice Film Festival Sohu entertainment news Venice time on September 5th, after it was reported in the seventy-third Venice Film Festival Chinese film "where are you" finally reveal the true capacity, the film held its world premiere in Lido Island, and by the international media attention and film and a piece of praise. Directed by Fan Haolun, Jing Ke starred in the movie "where are you" is the only film festival Chinese film, a debut by overseas media attention. The film chose a long suffering from domestic violence, the perspective of the disadvantaged women, and then lead to the loss of children, looking for children and a series of stories. Strong sound effects, dark scenes, and thrilling action scenes. Whether it is a theme or audio-visual language, is a new Chinese film. The film directed by Fan Haolun, the script is inspired by the true story of his side, pay attention to "domestic violence" and "child abduction" and other social problems. According to the director revealed that many of the scenes inside the film and the plot, are the original experience of the original reproduction, the purpose is to awaken people to think about the human nature of these social issues. After the end of the movie premiere, "where are you" harvest applause and praise from overseas filmmakers. It is reported that, after Venice, the movie "where are you" will be moved to Vancouver, participated in a number of awards.   相关的主题文章: