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The movie "art is crazy" Ji’nan Changqing Shuangquan boot! Shandong Channel – Ji’nan on 10 October, by the Shandong horse film produced theatrical film "art is crazy" in October 10, 2016 in the "Ji’nan garden" Shuang Quan Zhen and manor held a lively opening ceremony. Directed by Cai Yushui and starring Zhang Yan, Wang Deshun, Cai Yiheng, and other creative collective appearance carried. A sculptor who does not draw is not a good director in the rapid development of China’s film industry now, "youth director" has quietly become a popular vocabulary, is the most high hopes of a group. Host and actor director’s debut "Dapeng pancake man" received nearly 1 billion 200 million at the box office; rock singer Cui Jian director’s first feature film "blue bone" won the Rome Film Festival Jury Award and many other awards; some time ago poet Han Dongye ‘s adaptation of his own novel of the same name in the "dock", and attracted Jia Zhangke as the producer. The movie "art is crazy" script origin and with Mr Cai Yushui’s experience of artistic creation has a profound relationship. Cai Yushui is a professional painter of Beijing painting academy, sculptor, national artist. He was born in Shandong, Ji’nan, six years ago, his studio built in the Ji’nan Shuangquan Town, rooted in life, combined with their own art perfect acres of flower fields and sculpture art, art and rural "warm meet". In the fifteenth session of Chinese Economic Forum, Mr. Cai Yushui won the 2015 award and was awarded the innovation model, sixth Beijing (2015) in young and middle-aged DeYiShuangXin artists, has just been elected by the selection of "Qilu Evening News" "ten Qilu fashion figure". A picture of a stir Town, a town of washing a heart movie "art is crazy" tells the story of a famous painter from the water god worldly entanglement, hiding in Ji’nan City, a small town named Shuangquan, painstaking creation. The art dealer in Rome came to "Shuang Quan Zhen, the art of changing the rural land art plan" for the water ye trust, to want to resolve the economic crisis. Contrary to his expectation, his daughter Wu Fugui Roy and creditors will follow. Things began to get out of control, the art of changing the country’s plans have become more and more crazy…… How crazy life is, how crazy art is." Director Cai Yushui said, "the movie" art is crazy "I have this several years of contemporary art boom observation and thinking, I also have a true portrayal of the Shuangquan experience. To put it simply, the film tells the story of "a picture of a town, a town washing a heart" – a somewhat absurd but full of love. I want to pass this camera more favorable interpretation of brush, art originates from life and above life, bad nowadays some empty art behavior, pseudo art and false art, promote the society’s most precious and most worthy of promotion of truth, kindness and beauty, let the beautiful art lead our lives". The movie + different rural theme, Film Festival and film market darling unlike purely commercial movies, the author film tend to be more artistic way to express the reuse of humanity and humanistic care. The author of the Chinese rural theme film, has also been concerned about the domestic and international film festival. From the man, the mountain, the dog相关的主题文章: