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The most beautiful wild the Great Wall renovation subsidies for ten million villagers said had to climb the mountain back cement – Sohu news section has not yet been reinforced Zhuizi mountain the Great Wall. Xinhua news agency Xinhua Shenyang September 24th news, on the occasion of the 10 anniversary of the the Great Wall protection regulations promulgated, Liaoning, a section of the Great Wall has recently become a hot spot of public concern. One side is the the Great Wall as a national heritage in the repair was smeared as flat road, while the cultural relics department is maintained by the procedures. What is protection, or destruction? Reporter conducted a survey. The Great Wall in the end how to repair: smooth not good-looking, but meet the protection needs? 23 at noon, the reporter of the mountain view Zhuizi mountain the Great Wall Damao Hill section after the renovation of the appearance, indeed as published on the Internet photos to see, the original broken wall was smooth, with neatly built stone surface a layer of gray cover, making it more like a "flat road". Compared with the floor brick, retaining walls near the the Great Wall, which stretches 500 meters of "flat road" appears abrupt. More than the local cultural relics department officials, so the repair is repeatedly formed by experts program. Before the repair, the stone foundation of this section of the Great Wall is only dilapidated, to avoid climbing to pedaling, and rain erosion, frost weathering bring greater damage, take Ann reinforcement technology, scattered in the foundation stone to put it back, and then grouting, compaction. The matter through the network after the disclosure, the State Bureau of cultural relics and Cultural Relics Bureau of Liaoning Province on the 22 officers to the scene, the verification and repair times, understand the specific situation to implement maintenance plan approval and construction quality of the project, to conduct a comprehensive investigation and assessment, promised to investigate the results of the assessment will be promptly announced to the public. Director of Liaoning Provincial Bureau of cultural relics Ding Hui admits, "" flat "does not look good, but need to comply with the rescue protection. This intermediate plate is slightly higher, low on both sides, and covered with a layer of concrete, good waterproof effect, can offset the summer rain erosion, winter can prevent the water freezing. He stressed that this section of the Great Wall is a rescue repair, is to prevent the accelerated damage to the Great Wall, whether it is not the most important. Statistics show that in Yongan Bao Xiang Liaoning County of Suizhong Zhuizi mountain the Great Wall is a national key cultural relics protection units, fourteen years before the Ming Dynasty Hongwu (1381 AD), the main line is the the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty in Liaoning. Between Zhuizi mountain is located in the Yanshan section of the Great Wall many little mountain steep mountains, plus here is located in deep mountains and forests, the original, which is referred to as the "most beautiful wild the Great Wall". Chinese, executive vice president of the Great Wall society of famous the Great Wall expert Dong Yaohui has several times been Zhuizi mountain the Great Wall, for which a period of being smooth, he thinks that the result of maintenance, let people feel the the Great Wall cultural and historical and cultural heritage of the people, the dialogue channel was cut. He said that although the the Great Wall protection regulations promulgated, the state of the the Great Wall maintenance procedures require more and more stringent, but the relevant departments may be based on the standards of repair is not enough and clear. What are the shortcomings of the maintenance process: 10 million subsidy, the program through the evaluation of experts at all levels? Zhuizi mountain the Great Wall Damao mountain section looks after the renovation. Xinhua news agency.相关的主题文章: