The Mekong River action, the hugely popular set up the real cases of film adaptation of the n-meyou

"The Mekong River action", the hugely popular   set up the real cases of film adaptation of the new benchmark – Culture – original title: the case of the screen, Eddie Peng film "Qiantu difficulty action" in the Mekong River (left), Zhang Hanyu’s image of the police is find everything fresh and new. "The Mekong River action" adapted from the 2011 "10? 5 Chinese crew in Golden Triangle killed in the event, the box office exceeded 650 million yuan, it is also one of the main melody movie mouth overflowing. Shortly before the release of the "murderer" also, the story from the "Guizhou Liupanshui five brothers Trinidad pupil"; released last year to "save my gentleman" and according to the real adaptation of kidnapping…… In the real life of all types of cases, the past two years to become the story of the mainland film creators and inspiration sources, most of the film after the release of a good response. However, from the real case to the adaptation of the film, the filmmakers have to take the skills of steel wire, in order to cross the gap between the middle. Practice of real cases need professional gatekeeper "adaptation of the Mekong River action" has become the biggest dark horse this year the national archives, but few people know that the original product Bona "beat" the film, from the Ministry of public security to the Mekong major adaptation of the right. In 2012, the Ministry of public security through competitive bidding to select the case shooting film company, China had submitted a script outline, and intends to invest 50 million yuan, but Boehner’s plan is more attractive, out of 200 million yuan in production, but also like Hollywood movies that won the final shot, John Boehner’s plan. According to the real case of the film adaptation, which relates to the field, from which areas to check. For example, involving the public security, the public security departments will check; related to the court, procuratorate, the relevant departments will check." Chinese association secretary general Rao Shuguang said, "these departments are mainly from the professional point of view for the film adaptation of checks, one is to look at the real case is appropriate, the two is to pay special attention to the image of the police." The shooting is strongly supported by the Ministry of public security, "the Mekong River action" are breaking the previous gangster film in many ways. The Ministry of Public Security Minister Chen Baoguo plays the film wearing number is "000001" of the police, the Ministry of public security door into this scene, so many viewers exclaimed "this is Chang’an Avenue that the Ministry of public security!" Indeed, in the office of the Secretary of the Ministry of public security doors, and other scenes, were shot in the Ministry of public security. Zhang Hanyu and Eddie Peng played the police, the image is also very bright. The screenplay revealed that during filming, the ministry asked the creators of courage, do not have restrictions and fetters "they want, works showing the police not only rely on the strength and courage, but also want to see the high-tech stuff." Because of this, the film also shows a lot of high-end weapons and equipment to make fans excited. Involved in the film in the creation of a new breakthrough, but must abide by some basic rules. For example, although the police do not have to be perfect, but it must be justice. "Action" in the Mekong River Zhang Hanyu’s police injured a "child soldiers" drug gangsters, but only hit the shoulders, film also confessed the child had been treated. The film does not detail the criminal process and the police detective process, but also the kind of film)相关的主题文章: