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Travel-and-Leisure Phillip Island is approximately one and a half hours drive from Melbourne located between Westernport Bay and the Bass Strait. The countless attractions and events on the island make it very popular with tourists and holiday makers. There’s a excellent range of Phillip Island accommodation available across the Island. There is certainly an activities park near the the centre called Amaze n things, where all the family are sure to be kept entertained. For golfers in the family, there’s the maxi-mini golf course which is built over artificial turf, the park are always looking for ways to update and recreate the course and it is bound to be popular with young and older golfers alike. Try your wits with the twisting corridors of the maze and be prepared to be totally puzzled by the illusion rooms, with water running uphill and the shrinking rooms. There are also well equipped caravans available in case you choose to stay on the park. For animal lovers, there’s a conservation centre for koalas that are a big hit with vacationers, young and old. In this park it is possible to see koalas in their natural surroundings, walk through the bush and experience the wonderful Australian wildlife. You can learn about the breeding of Koalas as well as get close to the koalas with the boardwalks elevated in the treetops. While you are there visit the gift shop to pick up some souvenirs. Other wildlife attractions in the region are the Marine attraction, Nobbies centre, which is home to a lot of marine animals including seals, dolphins and sharks. One of Australia’s most popular visitor attractions is the penguin parade and this is where the largest colony on earth can be found. While the sunsets several hundreds of small blue penguins come out the ocean and parade along the beach to their sand dune burrows. Chocolate lovers will really enjoy the most satisfying experience of touring the chocolate factory, with free samples of a secret recipe chocolate, at the door as you arrive and many different machines that you can play with, where the prizes are chocolates and the chance to create your own chocolate, what more could a chocolate addict look for? The factory also has its own cafe where you can try a variety of chocolates as well as have a coffee. If you’re looking for something to temp your taste buds, there is a large choice of restaurants in the region, the majority of which cater for families with young children. Many offer International dishes so there is something for every taste. There are many restaurants around the Esplanade area, so you won’t have far to travel when you feel hungry. Look online for more details about the attractions and events happening around Phillip Island so that you can best plan your visit to the Island. There are many sporting activities that you may either watch or participate in, these include the Phillip Island Grand Prix is host to motorbike and racing car championships. Take part in water sports from Woolamai beach, whether you would like to learn or are an experienced surfer, there are various places suitable for either level of skill and local veteran surfers are available for lessons. On dry land it is possible to see the wildlife and scenery by either going on foot or cycling. There are many routes and paths accessible and degree of fitness has been taken into consideration, with a few of the routes being more difficult than others. You should also spend some time at the farmers market and taste some of the local produce. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: