The man was Bai Fumei cheat 10 thousand every six months by the same way once again deceive-ppbox

The man was Bai Fumei cheat 10 thousand every six months by the same tricks to deceive a core tip: in the network encounters a career, looks beautiful, "she" and "her" this seems to own a little meaning ", more commendable is that the feelings of the" she ", would like to have been operating for many years the industry to share with their own earning large quantities of gold each day. If you meet a girl like that, do you think you are the luckiest person in the world? Henan man Zhang miraculously gained such a "marriage", but that he did not think that this "blessing" has not only brought him a happy marriage and career, but his savings out empty. At this time, Zhang just discovered that his fascination with the three years of "she" is a "real man", a liar hundred-percent. "They took use of ambiguous emotional to the extreme feelings at the moment, neither friendly nor aloof as a" glue bait lashed the victims. "." In the final The case is entirely cleared. world, the crooks are routine, law enforcement officers concluded the business sector. Not long ago, the Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau "4· 21" special group in the clue, nearly 3000 police organization for distribution in multiple fraud net Zhengzhou stronghold, together with the "Zhang encountered white Formica, more than 800 people have been detained by the police, the case is under further investigation. In. The sky "Lin", "fishing" him years of savings once, an ordinary Henan man Zhang Qiang (a pseudonym) only a little dream: "open a shop, earn money, a wife have a safe day". But just three years ago, an encounter in the network, so that he believes in the "miracle" of the occurrence, it really landed on his head. It was a day in August 2013, Xiao Zhang in the social software tribe of interest to know a beautiful woman hanging head, claiming to emigrate to the United States, and single yang. Yang said that she is currently operating a Taobao store, in January a few million yuan of easy income. In the exchange, Yang continued to imply a good impression on Zhang, and said that her Taobao shop to a generation of operating companies, the effect is very good. Lonely and eager to make money Xiao Zhang, will soon be arranged by Yang, Yang recommended for the generation of operating companies to pay the initial store management fees 1980 yuan. But let Zhang did not think that this more than 1 thousand dollars not only did not give him a huge income, but became the beginning of a nightmare. Pay the agency fee, Zhang was found to be in the shop is not only not the legendary "bursting with popularity", even the views are scanty. While Zhang doubted whether at that time, Yang repeatedly to a proper extent to Zhang "reassurance", said it is difficult to do the initial Taobao, and called "telephone" Zhang comfort. Later, Yang continued to imply and comfort, Zhang in more than a month’s time, many times on behalf of the operating company to play more than ten thousand yuan to expand the popularity of the store, such as promotion costs. However, it was not long before, but the performance of the beauty Yang evaporation of the world, on behalf of the operating company to open a small shop that only a few transactions. But it’s a pity,相关的主题文章: