The man suspected of being touched after beating fellow woman ass crashed into the crowd

The man suspected of being touched after beating fellow woman ass crashed into the crowd tussle Chinese daily news (reporter Ning Jun photography Army) suspected peer woman was touched bottom, Huo a few people hit the suspected man, when the two sides ten tussle together, Huo driving toward the crowd, causing one death and 5 injury. Yesterday, the Xi’an intermediate people’s Court of first instance in order to endanger the public safety of dangerous methods sentenced the defendant to death. > > dispute tussle after driving butt last October 7th at 9 pm, when the 25 year old Changan District man Huo and friends Lumou 5 people in West Changan people after dinner left the kitchen and went to the door, Lumou to be people ready to leave the kitchen dining yuemou touched his girlfriend on the grounds. With yuemou dispute, Huo et al in beating yuemou. Then came the yuemou friend Zhao more than ten people will stop seeing, Huo, Lu et al. Left, both sides tussle. Huo took the opportunity to leave the scene, driving Lumou stopped at the people on the west side of the kitchen of a Ford Mondeo along the Changan Road on the north side of the kitchen door hit retrograde to the people struck by the crowd, Zhao, Deng, yuemou, Jeong, Yang, Lumou injured. Zhao sent to the hospital after the death of the rescue; Deng’s injury is a minor injury, nine disabled. In August 3rd this year, Xi’an city procuratorate prosecution of Huo Huo, think that the defendant regardless of people driving safety, the impact of the crowd, causing one death, one person slightly injured, should be the crime of endangering public safety, shall be prosecuted for criminal responsibility. Incidental civil plaintiff claims against the Huo Moumou compensation for death, funeral expenses, dependents living expenses, medical expenses 144 yuan. Incidental civil plaintiff Deng for compensation for medical expenses 34 yuan. > > touch did not have each argument in the trial, the defendant admitted that the facts of the crime is true. Its defenders put forward: public prosecutor accused of improper charges, Huo’s behavior should constitute the crime of causing traffic casualties. According to Huo a confession, after dinner that night they went out, he saw a man (of yuemou) with left hand Lumou his ass, Lumou, he and another friend is forward to beat yuemou, they had kicked yuemou demanding an apology, yuemou kneeling on the ground say sorry. Ready to leave, and yuemou eat together more than a dozen people from the people of the kitchen and put them around, don’t let go, the two sides began pushing each other. Huo said, Lumou gave the car keys to him, let him go to the car, and then leave together. He drove straight back to the front of the people to the kitchen, he did not stop, directly hit the man after parking, he saw about three people. After he got off the car and saw Lu was knocked down in the ground, the other person to call the driver to seize, he ran along the West Road, Changan. He said, when the butt of 60 kilometers per hour. Was suspected of touching the bottom of the man denied a frivolous move. He said, out of the hotel in the revolving door, walk across the glass in front of him is a woman, the woman has to go out, go to the bottom of the step, he also step up, two people every three steps, the woman suddenly said after his bullying, over three men do not listen to his explanation, open began to beat him…… > > after the verdict, the defendant said.相关的主题文章: