The man sitting on the high speed rail to sleep over 7 hours to go back to the destination-k-boxing

The man sitting high iron sleepy slept for 7 hours along the railway station to go back to the high-speed rail line map to 29 morning news – Chongqing morning news reporters, upstream from the Guangzhou Railway Public Security Bureau was informed that recently, one from Fujian Ninghua county officer of a passenger, intends to take the D2329 train to Guangdong Chaoshan Railway Station, because in the car drowsy and fell asleep, while sitting on the station. However, the other passengers and ticket back to the choice of destination is different, officer decided to run along the railroad station of Shantou resurgence. Immediately, he was found in the past car driver and informed the Huizhou railway police. At present, the police in accordance with the law shall be punished, and the general knowledge of the railway safety preaching. Recently, the Huizhou railway police received a train driver informed that when EMU running to Hangzhou deep line of Guangdong K1368+800M in Puning, found a Xianzarenyuan walking on the fence. After receiving the police situation, Puning railway station police rushed to the scene, seized on the spot unauthorized access to the network of railway protection officer official. After understanding, officer of a department of Ninghua County of Fujian Province, the D2329 train ride to go to Chaoshan Railway Station, did not expect to get on the bus, because he was asleep sleepy. When the train arrived at Chaoshan Railway Station failed to get off the lead to sitting on the station, he had to go to the next station is Puning station, then from the platform to jump into the railway track, along the railway to go back to the Chaoshan Railway Station. Just a few hundred meters out unsuspectingly, seized by the police brought to safety, the police will be punished according to law, and preach the railway safety. Upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter found by ranging from Puning station to the Chaoshan Railway Station, the railway distance is about 52.9 kilometers per hour, if the walking speed of 7 kilometers, at least 7.5 hours to get to the destination.相关的主题文章: