The main station in 1 million 600 thousand gambling mat money return condolences gold don’t leave

The main station in 1 million 600 thousand gambling mat money return condolences gold not to leave the owner Yang Xiulan in Huaian City, the 2000 yuan relief funds donated to charity 1 million 600 thousand yuan prize, lottery in their own hands, buy lottery money is to advance their own, if it is you, how would you deal with? Huaian city Huaian District welfare lottery sales owner Yang Xiulan is the choice of "hand over" initiative to the real winners, not only that, she will move because of her honesty Fucai reward her 2000 yuan to donate to charity in Huaian city. Yang Xiulan’s lottery point of sale is located in Huaian District of Huaian City, North Gate Street No. 276, the public Zhang often come here to buy lottery tickets. Not long ago, I came to the lottery, please Yang Xiulan to give him a random hit two Zhang 9 number seven lottery tickets double. I was ready to leave, Yang Xiulan take the initiative to remind him, seven lottery is to carry out one hundred million yuan of awards, bonuses efforts, can keep down. Zhang hesitated, "money with me today is not much, recently very busy, but also can not be timely to keep the number of check." Yang Xiulan said, can help Zhang to buy, he had time to check again. In the meantime, I called Yang Xiulan, said stop keep no.. Yang Xiulan believes that many of the period has been maintained, there are a few issues on the end, to persuade the old Zhang shou. August 22nd, seven music color out of the first prize three note. The early morning of August 23rd, Yang Xiulan habitually on the day before the lottery lottery number by awarding, against to her for Zhang’s lottery, computer display the ticket in the first prize, after verification, the cumulative bonus 1 million 600 thousand yuan. Yang Xiulan repeatedly confirmed, for Zhang was a happy. Although the ten period Shou Zhang has been the future payments for the tickets, but Yang Xiulan kept a verbal agreement to call Mr. Zhang at the first time. "The accident" award-winning lottery Zhang said excitedly: "this award, Yang Xiulan can get their own, but she in good faith, to me, is really rare"! 27 morning, reporters and Huaian lottery sales center staff arrived at the North Gate Street Huaian District No. 276 32080513 betting, betting hanging in front of "warm congratulations to you on your site or in the ‘seven lottery’ award 1 million 600 thousand yuan!" Banner, owner Yang Xiulan is busy. The same day, Zhu Yixiang, director of Huaian welfare lottery distribution center to send 2000 yuan condolences to gold and gifts to the Yang Xiulan. "Your honest and trustworthy approach reflects the style of the prime minister’s hometown people." And Yang Xiulan received condolences immediately after the king said the money will be donated to the city charity federation. "I think this is what I should do, and I will continue to do so. The money is a piece of my mind to help those in need!" Yang Xiulan said. The day is the store to buy a lottery Mr. Song told reporters, Yang Xiulan weekdays very enthusiastic, some old lottery meets the urgent time to buy lottery tickets, direct a call to let Yang Xiulan buy before closing. Before there are two prizes, Yang Xiulan did not hesitate to give the lottery to others, we all trust her." Song said that since the opening of the lottery, he has been here for more than ten years to buy lottery tickets, fancy is the sincerity of Yang Xiulan.相关的主题文章: