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"The magnificent seven": Washington and xingjue et al Group copy – Sohu entertainment "the magnificent seven" first opened in Toronto, after the closing ceremony in Venice "the magnificent seven" story from Kurosawa’s 1954 "Seven Samurai" (text / Guo Jie) first opened in Toronto, Venice after the closing. The star studded "Magnificent Seven" these two days occupied the movie topic list. Since the Toronto premiere in Venice before closing, so North America has a lot of evaluation flow, get both praise and blame. "The magnificent seven" story from Kurosawa’s 1954 "Seven Samurai", 1960 by John? Siteqs remake, become a classic American westerns.     if all the time and the "Seven Samurai" and the 1960 version of the comparison, it is necessary to be disappointed, especially the "samurai", is almost impossible to surpass the classic Japanese film. But if you do not have any expectations, but will see this is a very good piece of the western United States, the situation is simple and easy to understand, the climax of the wonderful bursting hormones. As a non competition, closing for this session of the high quality of Venice, is entirely live. By "training day" director Anthony Fuqua’s version of "the magnificent seven" Washington, Chris – Platt, Ethan – Hawke and a public actor. And then you – starring Brynner’s version of that story will be different, after the bandits in the town of Mexico in 1879 moved to the background of the civil war, the end of the western development, the villain from the bandits into cold-blooded estate businessman. The biggest change is that all of the seven men who had been white were changed from different nations. So, experienced war marksman "goodnight Robbie" (Ethan Hawke), Billy (Li Bingxian), Oriental Assassin (Manuel Mexico fugitive Vasquez – Garcia – Lu Erfu (Martin Reed), indigenous warriors – Mountain Hunter Jack (MIR), Wen sen – MS Tang LEO) and Faraday (a small explosion Star Jazz Chris Parratt) in the bounty hunter Sam (Denzel Washington) under the leadership of the town for Rose Creek businessman Pakistan Suoluomiu removed full of iniquities – Berg (Peter Sarsgaard) task. At the beginning of the film, drama conflict quickly established: Black businessmen, occupy the soil come after a confrontation between the town group play, single riding black hat black Sam came from the western desert sun, a maverick image is presented in the lens. Sam accepted in the rose Town, civilian victims young widow Elmar’s bounty, he quickly find and use different means to persuade another six. So a nineteenth Century version of the western United States is similar to the "Twelve Arhats" configuration appeared, seven people have different skills, different personalities, group a melee warrior, personal assassin, remote archers, sharpshooter team began to tour a copy and so on. It is a pity that the director of the excavation of the seven characters is not exhaustive enough to make the character a bit thin. But behind the evil confrontation wonderful drama has. After the seven came to rose Creek Town, settled a part of the civilians, the rest of the training.相关的主题文章: