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The inventory of foreign aid: Tianjin men’s volleyball seven – Shandong mercenaries large output 2016-2017 season, the National Volleyball League Sports Sohu in Hong Kong Macao and foreign aid Neiyuan transfer inventory number club transfer foreign aid country height m position Shanghai goldyouth note Groser Germany 2 holding world championship in 2014 third score of the total 1.98 main Kong Te Argentina 2015 world cup a total score of second Beijing automobile Sander of the United States 1.96 main 2015-2016 European Challenge Cup MVP Aurelio orr Cuba’s 2.07 Club World Championship in 2013, the main Sichuan Jin Lang Leonardo of Cuba’s 2.06 main 2012-2013 season MVP League, 59 points Tianjin single field detonation Yuncun coke Shenkun Turkey 1.98 2012 European League scoring champion Garrett takes us 2.05 main League bench 2014 World Chen Jianzheng Fujian Normal University China Taipei 1.90 main 2015 2016-2017 season, the National Volleyball League champion Jubei Neiyuan on loan inventory number loan club Neiyuan clubs height m position Games Village Liu Zhihao Shandong Tianjin Weifang Hengxin 1.93 2016 U20 men’s Volleyball Setter Yaqingsai champion, won the MVP pay Hou Wen 1.94 main   Guo Lei 2.12 2016 U20 Yaqingsai font volleyball champion Zhang Zuyuan 2.10 2016 U20 Yaqingsai font volleyball champion Wang Jingyi 2 holding the 2016 U20 Yaqingsai men’s volleyball champion Yang Huaxing 1.81 free men volleyball champion 2016 U20 Yaqingsai Han Dong 1.93 main   Zhang Bing long Beijing car 1.98 main former national youth men’s volleyball 1.98 Zhang Xiurui   Yang Fan 1.97 font font;   Sichuan Jin Lang Chen Jiajie Guangdong 1.70 Olympic men’s volleyball free U23 the main Olympic volleyball Zhejiang U23 Liang Zhenhui 1.96 Tianyi Jiang Han Shanghai goldyouth main energy 1.98 finalists Chinese volleyball training squad car Beijing Liaoning Liang Chunlong 2.05 men’s volleyball team before the Hubei Kun font test Lin Zhijie Shanghai goldyouth 1.97 main country Li Jiabin 1.90 men before Liu Xinchen 1.93 main collusion     November 4th, 2016-2017 season, the National Volleyball League first nawaiyuan officially released, promoted the Tianjin reserve echelon limited resources, generous foreign aid introduced a total of up to 12 people, talent reserve rich Shandong and Shanghai become large output as the League quarter finals; in the semi-finals and allowed two times on loan, so the other signings become the most effective means to strive for excellence. Qualifying with three straight top lock)相关的主题文章: