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The husband killed his wife for many years of domestic violence was arrested in Beijing – Shanghai new network in Shanghai in October 25 (Xinhua Li Shuzhi sword) August 14, 2016, a Sunday morning 5 am, a hurried phone had Deng Xiang from slumber to sister Su Yun telephone the spread of slightly trembling voice: "brother he played, I really can not stand, I killed him, you help me look at several children." Mimi Deng Xiang was not to regard it as right that is only, the couple had a joke with him casually, "Oh" sound will hang up the phone, fell down to sleep, until more than and 20 minutes later, when the police call to inquire about, Deng Tangcai is aware of the seriousness of the situation, but a the tragedy has happened. Su Yun said the phone, he is her husband Deng Lin, the same day 5:33 Xu, police received the news of the Soviet Union, said it will be her husband. After preliminary investigation of Baoshan Public Security Bureau, on the same day to murder investigation, and the suspects in criminal detention Yunyu su. The day of the incident, Deng Lin saw Su Yun in the foreign mobile phone chats, suspected she was having an affair, then the cuff and kick, Biandabian asked him to turn a deaf ear to Su Yun explanation, put his anger with violence all over the body Su yun. In the evening, Deng Lin on the beaten up and down to the early morning, two people fell asleep. Wake up in the morning, Su Yun did not know what was driven up to the balcony with a hammer, while Deng Lin was sleeping to his head smashed, smashed more after the husband no longer move, then pick up the mobile phone alarm. According to Su Yun said, when two people in 2004 to work, several times along down the two established a relationship, and not long after the two people had their first child in 2009 formal licensing of marriage. Su Yun description, Deng Lin is a very hot tempered person, a bad or because of trifles will resort to violence, every two or three days Dadanaonao, for children like playing. Su Yun has repeatedly proposed divorce, but on the one hand Deng Lin does not agree, on the other hand, she also because three children can not decide. Because of domestic violence, even desperate to want to Dutch act, but always reluctant or her three children. In the years after a trial, she used such a way of trying to escape. After the identification, the victim Deng Lin Department of lifetime by others with a blunt object hitting the forehead and head injury at death. Upon review, prosecutors believe that the Soviet Union deliberately killed other people, causing death, his behavior has violated the provisions of article 232nd of the criminal law of People’s Republic of China, suspected of intentional homicide. Currently, Shanghai City People’s Procuratorate has approved the arrest of the suspect Su Yun, the case is under further review in Baoshan District. Prosecutors said: in the case of Su Yun’s experience can not help but regret, but its extreme way has violated the criminal law, which will face legal sanctions according to law. Family violence is a heavy social topic, there are a lot of domestic violence cases were exposed under the public eye every year, but more victims choose to forbear. In March 2016, China’s first anti domestic violence law formally implemented, public authority to intervene to prevent domestic violence provides security)相关的主题文章: