The Huangpu River tide comprehensive break through the cordon of the flood control department launch

The Huangpu River tide comprehensive flood control department started to break through the cordon of morning news reporter yesterday learned from the municipal flood control office of emergency response, by the strong typhoon malakas and flood season this year, eighth astronomical high tide of the Huangpu River, yesterday morning tide comprehensive breakthrough warning line, the flood control departments promptly launched the flood prevention and emergency response grade, timely close all kinds of tide gate, the city did not occur such as tidal intrusion accidents. According to the municipal flood control information center survey report yesterday at 1:20 in the morning, the Huangpu River Wusong tide level of 4.99 meters, 0.19 meters above the warning line; 2, Suzhou Huangpu River Estuary Tidal measured up to 4.88 meters, 0.33 meters higher than the warning; 3:30, the upper reaches of the Huangpu River in Songjiang were crossing the measured water level of 4.27 meters, 0.47 meters higher than the warning. According to the forecast, today and tomorrow afternoon tide and Zichao will exceed the warning line, then the line of flood control wall will undergo the severe test, part of the river ferry will be temporarily suspended. The flood control headquarters of the city maintained the blue warning signal of flood control and typhoon prevention at 8 yesterday, and once again required the flood control departments and units at all levels to maintain high alert, and comprehensively checked and implemented various defensive measures to ensure the safety of flood control in the city. Hot news: Shanghai 2040 planning interpretation: Shanghai actively prosperity retreat this month Shanghai amount will increase more than 1000 transaction settlement date has been adjusted to resolve the housing bubble risk and how to avoid the tune higher Jiangwan in sheep grazing place tight enclosure neighbor people Shanghai District Changning Xin Lan District murder of the deceased son by the police to control the weather forecast Shanghai: windy weather continued to the end of September or the hot weather tonight

黄浦江潮位全面突破警戒线 防汛部门启动应急响应   晨报讯 记者昨天从市防汛办获悉,受强台风“马勒卡”和今年汛期第8次天文大潮汛共同影响,昨天凌晨本市黄浦江潮位全面突破警戒线,各级防汛部门及时启动防汛防台Ⅳ级应急响应,及时关闭各类挡潮闸门,全市未发生潮水倒灌等人为责任事故。   据市防汛信息中心测报,昨天凌晨1时20分黄浦江吴淞口实测潮位达4.99米,超过警戒线0.19米;2时,黄浦江苏州河口实测潮位达4.88米,超警0.33米;3时30分,黄浦江上游松江米市渡实测潮位达4.27米,超警0.47米。据预测,今明两天的午潮和子潮均将超警戒线,届时一线防汛墙将经受严峻考验,部分对江轮渡也将临时停航。   市防汛指挥部昨天8时维持防汛防台蓝色预警信号,并再次要求各级防汛部门和各单位务必继续保持高度戒备,全面检查落实各项防御措施,确保本市防汛安全。   热点新闻:   上海2040规划解读:上海要主动进行繁荣的退却   本月沪牌额度将增加千余辆 成交结算日期有所调整   化解房价泡沫化风险 如何避免越调越高   新江湾城惊现圈地放羊 放牧地点紧邻居民区   上海长宁馨兰小区发生命案 死者儿子被警方控制   天气预报:   申城大风天气持续到今夜 9月底或出现秋老虎相关的主题文章: