The heart of the galaxy won the gold medal in the film build the Chinese version of ”

"The Milky Way heart" won the gold medal of the film version of "   build Chinese; Star Wars " – entertainment channel, September 11th, CO sponsored by the Beijing times, visions, day culture of "science fiction and science fiction? Chinese world" International Forum and the seventh session of the global Chinese science fiction Nebula Awards held in Beijing China national library. The famous science fiction writers China updated by "the heart of the Milky Way enami bearer – 3 light chasing shadows" won the best long fiction award. The concern is that the global Chinese science fiction Nebula Award for science fiction movies creative ad hoc activities received special awards, participating science fiction more than and 100, reviewed by experts selected 15 finalists of science fiction movies creative award. In the awards during the 10 finalists and cultural television companies signed a science fiction adaptation of literary works copyright transfer agreement, including the four kings of China sci-fi masterpiece "vitop" evening’s "sad" "love", China update generation of science fiction writers Jiang Bo’s "heart of the bearer of the Milky Way Trilogy". The entries in the heart of III, "the Milky Way?" by light shadow won, won the seventh Nebula Award for global Chinese science fiction novel gold medal. It is reported that the shortlisted Nebula award, and his works were long Jin science fiction fans concern and touted his book "the Milky Way heart" trilogy in hot serial network platform for more than four years, known as the "China science fiction epic". One day of culture and Wanda films have "heart" of the Milky Way adapted into movie theaters reached an intention to jointly develop plans to "the Milky Way heart" the science fiction masterpiece into a China version of "Star Wars". Won Best Novel Award in the just concluded the Milky Way prize on science fiction "days", one day in culture with Warner, Wanda pictures, pictures, pictures and other Tencent in close contact with the novel. After Liu Cixin and other domestic science fiction writer has won the Hugo prize for important international science fiction, "Mermaid" "Pacific" and other Chinese evaporation science fiction movie success after the release, more and more outstanding works of science fiction Chinese is no longer confined to the field of text, but began to use film screen of figurative form, make science fiction to reality. One day culture also hopes to use their own power to promote the Chinese science fiction industry to greater glory. (commissioning editor Zou Jing and Jiang Bo)相关的主题文章: