The group responded to the three quarter net profit fell and clarify the mirror not large-scale layo lightscape

The group responded to the three quarter net profit fell and did not clarify the mirror mass layoffs hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading contest: national investment adviser at the client King catch demon shares of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide Sina Financial News on October 28th news, yesterday evening, the disclosure of the group in 2016 three quarterly, the third quarter the company achieved operating income of 402 million yuan, an increase of 203.99%; net profit of 487 thousand and 600 yuan, down 97.16%. The first three quarters of operating income was $897 million, an increase of 157.22%; net profit of $19 million 351 thousand, down by 18.94%. The company’s three quarter net profit fell a storm, the group CFO Bi Shijun today to sina finance responded that the main factor is the three quarter TV panel prices, the whole industry is a phenomenon, and the negative factors has been eliminated, does not affect the performance in the four quarter. In addition, for questioned storm mirror mass layoffs, Bi Shijun clarified that the mirror will be split into more than 100 employees under several joint venture subsidiary, real layoffs only 50 people, accounted for only 10% of all employees mirror, which belongs to the normal elimination. The company said three quarter net profit fell mainly due to industry panel prices recently, the group has released a very brisk annual report: the first half of 2016, the group net profit over the same period last year almost doubled, to 18 million 863 thousand and 400 yuan, the growth rate reached 181.57%. The storm yesterday announced the three quarter report, the third quarter revenue growth of 203.99%, but poor performance of net profit, a significant decline. On the specific business, the reporting period, the storm Internet video service network payment service revenue grew 304.41%; smart home entertainment products, the total sales channels over the storm TV line over 3100. As of the end of the reporting period, the body of super TV sales reached about 600 thousand Taiwan; virtual reality business, has built the storm mirror line sales outlets 10000; Internet sports business, the sports completed 204 million yuan of A round of financing in September 20th. In this regard, Bi Shijun, said today to sina finance, revenue increased net profit has declined, in fact, is a typical financial characteristics of the Internet companies in the process of looting users. Now the most important way for enterprises to obtain the user is no longer a mobile phone terminal and the PC terminal, but the end of this year with the development of television, mobile phone users, the early users get the company will invest a large amount of cost, resulting in the decline in profits, this is a very normal process. At present, the main way to get the user is actually selling hardware, selling the hardware itself should actually be profitable, but the premise is that shipments reached a certain magnitude. But the storm technology until the end of last year to do TV, since the development is very fast, but it is inevitable, from the start, there is a pre investment, especially in the three quarter, there is a panel of the price process, and this theory相关的主题文章: