The grapefruit lipstick painted the era of showbiz recent times jiuyaogan

The grapefruit lipstick painted the era of showbiz recent times no matter what is a lipstick can not solve, if there is a hit! For girls, lipstick is not too much artifact. But the lip renewal degree really hard to catch up, some time ago also popular "aunt color", "red bean color, orange, orange powder recently above is not full of grapefruit color and topped the list of hot search No.1! Not only is South Korea idol female host preference, become a strong Chinese essential (such as "W up to two of the world", "smiled very little"……) Yang Mi, Gao Yuanyuan, is called, angelababy, Suzy and the beauty to the heart! Why ring powder numerous Grapefruit Lip with so much charm? The reason is that both the makeup, makeup or makeup, can pick grapefruit color lipstick. But no matter, even white yellow partial black skin, grapefruit color can create a good complexion, need not worry can’t handle. To sum up, grapefruit lipstick not only by age, color, bright white, do not pick up! It is the most perfect all-match single product! Hey, your makeup bag seems less a neon Shu Uemura Lip Balm CR350!" The neon lipstick with "Grapefruit"? Announced soon! CR350 grapefruit color lipstick lipstick neon neon translucent texture, moist and clear, with grapefruit color, light refraction girl, lips flashing lip gloss. When the water fall, you need to nourish lips "Grapefruit"! Neon lipsticks contain Macadamia essence, natural skin care ingredients, bring a soft touch for the lips, such as to create fruit like moisture degree. Try to get started, light smooth, tinting power stunning! On the upper lip, instantly concealed lip wrinkles, grapefruit good color, lips moist and comfortable! A woman’s makeup bag always lack a lipstick, and no grapefruit color, immediately went to the counter of the neon Shu Uemura Shu Uemura Lip Balm CR350, there are more neon colors available!相关的主题文章: