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"The ghost" frequency of telecom operators has been hit in the face – Sohu comments on the protection of citizens’ personal information, telecom operators is the first pass, but the performance was not good. According to reports, China Unicom staff xiaomou, used to facilitate the work, illegally obtaining and selling personal information of citizens 129400. The prosecution to prosecute the crime of infringement of citizens’ personal information on xiaomou. Recently, the Fengtai court held a public hearing of the case. In court, xiaomou pleaded guilty. Telecom operators "ghost" steal personal information trafficking to others, this is not a new thing, from the case of the current exposure, mobile, Unicom, the three telecom giants spared. Each time a similar case was exposed, telecom operators will stand, will improve the system, improve the technical means and other aspects, and effectively protect the security of user information. But frequently the ghost, but again let the telecom operators face "". In order to xiaomou as an example, it is not the company senior management personnel, but is responsible for data mining staff only, but can easily steal from the company database so much user information. Operators in the user information security control on the big hole, thus remarkable. Why operators always thunder, rain small, often let users disappointed? The reason is very simple, the current major domestic telecom operators business network has the characteristics of regional dispersion, dispersion data and various systems, complex environment, in order to establish a strict system for all user privacy disclosure risk points and control technology, to put amazing. The strict protection of user privacy, but not only input output, the benefits of a general decline in the moment, operators in this area are naturally reluctant to burn. In the protection of personal information of citizens, telecom operators can be called the first pass, but its current performance is obviously incompetent. Telecom operators are state-owned enterprises, in the social responsibility to play, should be an example of the whole society. But in fact, in profits from the user and protect the interests of users, this is the most basic and most core social responsibility, this point can not do well, not to mention the other? Telecom operators to protect user privacy, but also highlights the lack of external regulation. On the one hand, the operators of the internal control mechanism of the gold content of the geometry and whether it is really implemented, the lack of a neutral third party assessment. On the other hand, the competent authorities for the operator’s assessment, the focus is on the operating efficiency of similar user information security and other issues, did not conduct an effective assessment and supervision. Once the operators in the ghost, mostly for personal accident, there is no economic penalty for enterprise, for enterprise executives without strict accountability. Protection of personal information of citizens, the fight against the illegal sale of information related to the crime is important, but the most fundamental, but also to improve the internal control, including telecommunications, banking, property and other enterprises and institutions. In such internal control, personal information of citizens should have high standard data confidentiality, information query, copy the citizens should have strict permissions, every query, copy should be "snow marks", the establishment of a sound recording. It should be said that so tight internal control,相关的主题文章: