The German race – Dan Yuqi semi-final Chen Qingchen two

The German race – Dan Yuqi semi-final two semi-finals Chen Qingchen Dan Yuqi (information) sina sports news Beijing on November 5th news, the 2016 Grand Prix gold German open end of the 1/4 finals, China team players in the semi-finals four projects. Shi Yuqi and He Bingjiao respectively into the men’s singles semi-finals, Huang Kaixiang Wang Yi law saving 5 match points after the match into the tiebreaker, but they are still difficult to escape the fate of the bureau. Chinese team has two doubles and a pair of mixed doubles semi-finals. Shi Yuqi continues to move forward in the men’s game. In the face of all Brazilian Indonesia No. 5 seed Shi Yuqi, 16 to 21 to lose the first battle lost a game, after the game he has to control the initiative rights, he takes two 21 more than 14 won two games, so as to more than 2 to 1 to reverse out of opponents, the game for 58 minutes. 1/4 finals and a seed player is out, the No. 3 seed in Germany more than 1 to 2 ZVI Buller (15, 16, 21 than 21 than 15 than 21 lost to India wolmar). Dan Yuqi against India Velma in the semi-final, and Denmark Antuosen wolmar confrontation. There are Chinese player He Bingjiao in the women’s singles semi-finals. In the confrontation with Paulson of Denmark, where Bingjiao prevailed, she took 30 minutes to 21 than 16, 21 than 15 zhiluoliangju victory. The other three seats in the semi-finals of the all Thailand players get the semi-final where Bingjiao against No. 3 seed Ang Blom Len Pam. Huang Kaixiang Wang Yilv regrets stop men’s Doubles quarter finals, they battle with Wang Yaoxin in Malaysia Zhang Yuyu 56 minutes played in three games, the final combination of more than 1 to 2 China (15, 24, 26 than 21 than 18 than 21 lost). In the game in second innings, Wang Yi law Huang Kaixiang saved 5 match points after reversal win, but they still unable to comeback. Two of the women’s doubles Chinese team together to enter the semi-finals. Chen Qingchen Jia Yifan spent 30 minutes in the ratio of 2 to 0 (21 vs 16, 21 vs 12) defeated Russia’s Che Via Kurkovva Moro Zova, Huang Dongping Li Yinhui is also 2 to 0 out of Fluhrer Gade Thygesen of Denmark, the score is 21 to 18, 21 to 14. Chen Qingchen in the semi-final against Thailand, Indonesia, Huang Dongping, played by the seed of the 2 seed,,,, Kitty Tara Hkulp La Joan Fagafaga. Chinese 1/4 final mixed doubles. Zheng Siwei Chen Qingchen took only 26 minutes to 21 than 13, 21 than 12 with two cities in Germany Fuqisi Ivy le. Wang Yilv Huang Dongping and England Ade Corke couple fighting 1 hours and 8 minutes after 1 to 2 loss, three innings score is 16 to 21, 21, 21 than 23 than 18. Decider Wang Yi law Huang Dongping used to get the first match point, but they did not seize the opportunity, by the experienced opponent reversed. (Chimera)相关的主题文章: