The four move from the end of the suspension Shanxi coal subsidence village rebirth – Sohu

The four move from the end of the suspension: the rebirth of Shanxi coal subsidence village – Sohu news 85 year old Qiao Guoxiao now every afternoon will go downstairs to exercise. "Look at the area where I think we had every tree and bush, the coal mining destroyed the old village, will cherish the new life in front of." For coal, Qiao Guoxiao’s feelings very contradictory, both grateful and full of resentment. Because of coal mining, he had a livelihood to support a large family, but mining has destroyed his home. He is located in Datong Zuoyun County Township Village water kiln slope, because coal and Xing, trapped by the coal, after the 4 move, finally bid farewell to the "vacant" site. In the fast flow of water under the policy background, while the village built the first village run coal mine in 1986, followed by the purchase of 3 coal mines. Rely on coal mining, while the village soon produced several million households, and became the envy of outsiders "comparatively well-off village". Because the small coal pit villagers eat spring blossom everywhere, for generations, in the last century at the end of 80s to accept the reality of every day of groundwater flow, to 20 kilometers outside the Yangjiapu pull water to eat. Qiao Haixing, director of the continental slope village office said at least 1 days pulled 3 times, each trip costs 300 yuan. Even more difficult for the villagers to bear the damaged houses. The continental slope in the village more than 600 people, the first live in the cave, in order to improve the life of the villagers in the valley bottom flat snout built small adobe, Qiao Guoxiao first moved. But with the mining village, these simple small adobe quickly become dangerous. In 1988, the continental slope in the village of snout mountain hillside blasting rocks, filling earth, and built a flat housing 26 brick structure, Qiao Guoxiao ushered in the second move. Less than 10 years, more and more small territories were damaged, some new flat room also appeared crack. In 1994, while the village and move to the higher slopes built 46 sets of brick and tile, Joe Guoxiao spent 50 thousand yuan for the third time to move. "The move places, a few years after subsidence, so always break." Qiao Guoxiao told reporters, due to the lack of scientific planning, exploration, the past every time the house was built in the mined out area, the 3 building investment of nearly 6 million yuan, now all abandoned. In 2010, ushered in the fourth continental slope village relocation, the relocation of the village to the nearby town, get rid of mining subsidence problems. Today, while the village has become a modern community with ten buildings, covers an area of 108 acres, invested about 80000000 yuan. Qiao Guoxiao and his wife lived in a 60 square meter apartment, the relocation of his personal dig of $72 thousand, the rest of the joint contribution by the government and coal mines. 1 tons of coal, water loss of 2.48 tons. In history, Shanxi is known as "the province of thousand springs", which is the most widely distributed area in northern China, with a total area of 110 thousand square kilometers, and a great fountain of lava in the 19 provinces. But because of coal mining, 3 full cutoff, 2 basic flow, 12 flow attenuation, tens of thousands of small water Koizumi does not exist. This continental slope like village, only in Zuoyun county has 6 villages and towns.相关的主题文章: