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The first air force equipment f -11B troops hang Bang 12 exposure to visit the west too – Sohu military channel page first: the first air force equipment army annihilates -11B exposure [click the picture to the next page] photos with information display, the picture was taken in September 13th, before the photo was published after treatment, blacked out 5 digit machine number on the tail. China in the network reported on October 9th, our air force brigade from the northeast North theater base triggered thousands of kilometers south of an airport raid arrived at the landing, then took off again went to sea to perform police training. From the above information, this is my first equipped Air Force fighters -11B fighter forces, reported speech training action may be the people’s Liberation Army Air Force 9 menstrual Bashi Channel to go to the Western Pacific Training action. The air force at the beginning of its creation has used the "China people’s Liberation Army forces in the Pacific" code, this went to the Western Pacific training, can be regarded as the force of the "dream" action. In October 9th Chinese published reports "the northern theater aviation brigade officers and soldiers to prepare what do not take" script "tasks". The contents are as follows: the theater – northern army newspaper reporter (reporter Liu Jianwei, special correspondent Liu Shurui) the autumn season, a South Sea, surf, splash. The sky, the number of live mounted aircraft are flying in formation to the target area, the implementation of police patrol. The northern theater air force aviation brigade at the combat command, organization troops cross maneuver, Sea Patrol drills, effectively enhance the combat capability of the air force flight maneuver. Reporters from the brigade training department learned that the training has the characteristics of time, carry out long distance flight maneuver, unfamiliar environment, equipment support pressure etc.. Take off from an Airport Northeast fighter needs, thousands of kilometers to the south of a raid against the airport, ready to finish out again, immediately to carry out police patrol the sea. In view of these situations, they carry out the flight safety risk assessment seriously, on the sea long time flight characteristics, careful research, sea route weather, flight deduction procedure, special disposal of drills, improve communication, pilot plans and special disposal scheme, concentrate on to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the aircraft, for the safe implementation of police patrol lay a solid foundation. To combat the background is the distinctive feature of the police patrol. The reporter saw at the airport south, the task force officers and soldiers stationed in immediately after the "four smoke" empty sea of information: the strange lack of support, climate change impact on aircraft parts, personnel can’t adapt to the hot and humid weather…… A series of scripts without the task of simulation of the contents of the approximation of the actual combat environment, all officers and soldiers throughout the time to accept the battle test. Take off near the airport, dump heavy rain, fly or not to fly? The war came at the clock, set the environment of battlefield, decisive commander ordered the aircraft into the sky. It is understood that this is the brigade organization for second consecutive years of conducting mobile training. In the training of their situation is difficult to set up a comprehensive inspection risk, enhance the penetration ability of the troops to go play. Said the military observer network commentator, this is reported in several f -11B fighter aircraft fuselage on the left with M, W shape formation alignment marks, this is our army aviation brigade fighters -1.相关的主题文章: