The final fantasy series inventory of these rich handsome are still single

The final fantasy series "inventory of these rich handsome are also single is a singles, double eleven to buy buy buy, in addition to the crazy outside, still seems to fill a single dog heart? But in the game the same as a bunch of single characters, today to see the singles "Final Fantasy" in the series, even they are single, seemed to him not so miserable. Claude — "Final Fantasy 7" some people say that Dante was the first guy in the history of the game, but also said that the game player should belong to the first guy Claude (Cloud Strife), this small series can only ha ha laugh, because one thousand readers, there are one thousand Hamlett, for Claude so we can at least say is the first guy one of the sets, handsome, tough, sentimental and is one of the Claude smile are countless female fans in tears, so gathered around him a stunning beauty like Tiffany and Alice, Claude, Alice, Tiffany three "triangle" game player has been suffering from the controversial topic, obviously to our Claude’s feelings is not a "childhood sweetheart friend" so simple, but Claude is in love with Alice, so in love After Liz died, he lived in the deep remorse Alice abandoned the church had a bachelor’s life. Final fantasy 7- Claude Claude Safi Ross – Final Fantasy 7- "Final Fantasy 7" Safi Ross (Sephiroth) as the most handsome villain in the game, a head of silver hair, always cold smile face, black leather coat wrapped slender posture, with two meters long authentic wild Taidao. He is God the strongest warrior, he is called a hero, he is the idol of countless children admire, so set thousands of pet in a Safi Ross or even a single, this is also a lot of reasons why the game player always think impassability, some people say is so handsome, so no girl friends, this small series can only use the mango meteor shower actor that "rich handsome and is not my fault." but, Xiao Bian think he is single The main reason is to be "that" this glorious and great cause. Safi Ross — "Final Fantasy 7" Safi Ross — "Final Fantasy 7" Kain — "Final Fantasy 4" Kaiyin introverted. He is the best friend of Cecil, in his heart he has a crush on rosa. In short, is the side of friendship, love is a complex relationship (but Cecil seems to have been aware of this time). On the feelings of Kain poor expression, coupled with the friend’s wife "of the faith, so keep on Rosa’s feelings do not speak out in my heart. When Baez made use of this "psychological shadow" Cain’s manipulation of his consciousness, he became one of the generals of evil. Baron king had wanted him to train like Cecil and the Black Knight, but he insisted on their own choice, inherited his father tried to make himself become a dragon knight, thus still stick to their own Kain (and even some wayward people). The last choice of cain.相关的主题文章: