The festival, a good day tour of the red tourism Sohu – Xiangshan-baxia

The festival, a good day tour of the red tourism in Beijing – Sohu Xiangshan Xiangshan, china. It turned out to be a royal garden. Early in the yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasty, the royal palace construction in Xiangshan villa every summer to be emperor to enjoy hunting, Xiangshan temple was the Jingxi Temple of the crown. The modern leader Mao Zedong is famous due to the 1949 work in Xiangshan Shuangqing villa residence and, in preparation for the establishment of new China, Chinese Museum of history turned a new page. Xiangshan leaves tours, Beijing has become the natural person to harvest happiness. 2016 leaves Festival from October 15th until the end of November 11th. Storied dip Xiangshan red beauty in photography at wanshanhongbian, cenglinjinran. Red maple, yellow ginkgo, pine with green grass, sit here, watching the leaves fall, is happiness. Royal building next to the Feng Shuhong photography at Xiangshan red beauty, beauty in the tall maple in the royal building next to a noble look. Good day tours at Yash Ye Hong photography tingqian pavilion after the red orange yellow green blue purple, let a person find everything fresh and new feeling. Golden autumn in photography at ginkgo, ginkgo leaves in order to meet here, also dressed in autumn, for here Palace luster. Whether the yellow robe from the extravagance of Ginkgo seems to be bright, textual research. The red wall photography at ease leaves a tree out of the wall to. The red leaves quickly ease photography yiyezhiqiu, how many years have moss. In front of the tile pattern, the ancient royal architecture elegant craft. The cable car leaves the tour photography to Xiangshan leaves the tour at ease, can choose to lift xianglufeng. The cable car is the way as Xiangshan red leaf sumac, royal garden, the royal family has been well protected. Xiangshan leaves began to grow in the Qianlong period, after two hundred years, has nearly more than 100 thousand trees. The glasses on a cable car overlooking the lake in autumn photography at ease, glasses like eyes Xiangshan lake with brilliant purples and reds. Xiang Lufeng cliff photography at the censer peak elevation of more than and 500 meters above sea level is not high, but after another, when steep, see ghosts worry said. On the chilly autumn mountain leaves gradually withered, the prayer is when the leaves were red. The brave young man also tremble with fear at the edge of the cliff, the local photographer to be careful, I hate eternal. The cable car leaves to ease photography Xianglufeng, list of small hills, the weather can be seen in Beijing city. Down the hill, you can choose to walk, all the way to reward the autumn leaves. Xiangshan red beauty level has red everywhere. You see, look up and leaves with cable car, trance the sky seems to have red maple forest. Leaves without shame down at the underground photography at ease? Coincides with the rain, thick leaves and red. On the way down the Mountain Gate with photography at ease put the horse by the bridle, and ask for directions, always to the mountain gate, many tourists, as now. Xiangshan Park was opened to the public in 1956. Before is the Royal Garden, all belong to the noble fief, for ordinary people, Xiangshan leaves just a legend. As the Forbidden City, we相关的主题文章: