The expansion of Vietnam south island runway but still unable to take off and landing fighter reshacker

The expansion of Vietnam south island runway but still unable to take off and landing fighter data figure: Vietnam dispatched VNT-775 amphibious aircraft landed illegally Chinese Nanhai South Island U.S. Center for strategic and international studies published on the 17 report, the latest satellite images show that Vietnam quietly extend its "Changsha island" (i.e. Chinese South Island) a plane runway. Calm in the South China Sea a few months later, the news caused 18 foreign media attention. British Financial Times said that this made Vietnam for the first time the ability to deploy the sea reconnaissance aircraft in the island. "China has always firmly opposed to illegal occupation of China part of the reefs of the Spratly Islands about the country and the construction of various facilities in the Chinese territory, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said 18 days, China once again strongly urges the countries concerned to respect China’s sovereignty and interests, to immediately stop the illegal occupation and illegal construction activities, the withdrawal of all personnel and facilities. The satellite images were released by the International Center for strategic studies, the Asian maritime transparency initiative, which provides images taken over the past 22 months. The report said that satellite images of the early November, Vietnam has the South Island on the runway from 2500 feet (about 760 meters) extended to 3300 feet (about 1005 meters). They believe that the length of the runway will be more than 4000 feet (about 1220 meters) in the future as the reclamation work continues. In addition, according to satellite observations, Vietnam is also South Island on the construction of two large hangars. From the construction scale, the new hangar to accommodate the Vietnamese air force PZL M28B maritime patrol aircraft and C-295 military transport more than sufficient. The British "Financial Times" 18 reported that the South Island airstrip is Vietnam in the South China Sea area only one runway. The report quoted the "Asian maritime Transparency Initiative" project for Greg · Pauline said, after the completion of the relevant upgrading, Vietnam is likely to carry out air patrols and surveillance missions in Spratly Islands with new facilities. The newspaper said, although the new runway can use for fighters, but the South Island area is very limited, not to carry out combat missions. 18, 2009, Hanoi on the issue of the expansion of the runway to remain silent. Global Times reporter found the same day, Vietnam, the mainstream media have not done this report. Liu Feng scholar China 18 in the ocean to accept the "Global Times" reporter the interview said that Vietnam has always been intended to build the South Island in the South China Sea command center and the strategic base, over the years continuously promote the construction activities. The Vietnam in the South Island Airport expansion, is promoting the part of strategic intent, on the one hand to strengthen their own security and defense, on the other hand, the China also intended to counter the so-called airport construction in the Nansha islands. At the same time we should see, the two sides continue to promote high-level exchanges and cooperation in the South China Sea space expanding, Vietnam should actively maintain the good momentum of cooperation, to avoid some trouble New problems crop up unexpectedly. Liu Feng said, now the situation in the South China Sea is entering a "rebound", while the United States is still the intention to make individual think tank of the South China Sea "late spring coldness". The expansion of the South Island Airport in Vietnam will become the issue of scrap processing. In.相关的主题文章: