The end of the investigation of the case of Taiwan fire tour car – Taiwan Channel – People’s

Taiwan fire tour car case investigation ended – Taiwan Channel – People’s daily newspaper Taipei, September, 10   ( ) (reporter Peng Bo, Zhao Shan) Taiwan "7. 19" fire car case today announced the end of the investigation. Taiwan prosecutors found that the case of drunk driving, tour bus driver Su Mingcheng spilled gasoline and set fire to the whole car passengers Dutch act, and the death. In view of the death of Su Mingcheng, the prosecution decided to drink driving, arson, murder and other charges, according to the law does not sue. Taiwan Taoyuan District Attorney, said Wang Yiwen, a number of evidence prosecutors have indicated that Su Mingcheng bought gasoline in July 14th, will be 5 bottles of gasoline into the rear seat and guide were placed in the luggage compartment. On July 19th, Su Mingcheng driving to the airport on the way, spilled gasoline near the driver’s seat, seat and front door guide, lighter then ignited, causing horrible disaster. Wang Yiwen also said that the tour bus and indeed with "anti-theft lock (lock), but because of serious damage to the vehicle, has been unable to determine whether the" lock "lock. "People’s Daily" (09 2016 11 August 04 Edition) (commissioning editor: Bai Yu)相关的主题文章: