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The drama of Shakespeare’s "97 minutes at the 37 Shakespeare – Sohu entertainment posters by Shakespeare company (Reduced Shakespeare concentration Company," RSC ") cast rehearsal of absurd comedy" the complete works of Shakespeare (condensed version) "will be landing Beijing flyover Arts Centre in November 25, 2016 and on the 26 day, the play will be used in the form of a full English Chinese dialogue subtitles the staged. The 1 Story 3 actors nearly 100 characters it is understood that in "the complete works of Shakespeare (condensed version)" in this comedy, the 3 actors will be Shakespeare’s story written again, with humor and absurd ways in the book of the 100 character of different character one by one interpretation, called drama "love song wang". The so-called "enrichment" is the theme of the same, the plot is not associated with the story of a condensed form of drama. Over the plot of the natural, and clever combination of different scenarios. 37 classic stills stills creative masterpiece "God restored in 400 years, Shakespeare’s work has its profound philosophy, wonderful dialogue and long. "The complete works of Shakespeare (condensed version)" 37 Works will be Savon’s life by the creation of the series, including the most famous "Hamlett", "Romeo and Juliet", "the merchant of Venice" the classic dialogue and the reproduction of the scene, emphasizing the interaction with the audience and jointly create a new way to the audience approached Shakespeare. N dress challenge quick change "in addition, a major part of concentrated Shakespeare" clothing is also the. The role of the dress is carefully designed to highlight the role of each of the most prominent features of the classic, contains the background of the times and the performance of the role of the visual identity. Even more amazing is that due to the role of more than 100 concentrated under Savon’s pen, the actors in the play with speed is absolutely beyond the audience’s expectations. Actor audience interaction shows the charm of the drama "condensed Shakespeare" this drama can be said to be the accidental collision of sparks to the extreme. In the process of the whole drama, the actors would improvise with the audience interaction, the audience will probably become a servant of a Shakespeare masterpiece, or servant, everything is possible, not to be missed.相关的主题文章: