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The double chromosphere lottery prizes contrast: started the trend of fixed award Shuangseqiu lottery PK domestic color City Award trend continuously, each faction award will attract many people’s attention. As China lottery industry two brand game, double chromosphere and Super Lotto had already accumulated 18 times the awards, the national lottery teamed up to send a total of up to 4 billion yuan to send prize money. By comparing the two games of the pie award, you can find that there are a lot of similarities and differences between the two points. Reading   Shuangseqiu open 900 million faction Award for sales increased betting threshold?                 faction award survey – will you increase betting? The 10 faction award full review [glossary] multiple bets, the lottery in the purchase of lottery tickets, choose the number is more than conventional lottery, and multi beam bet betting number. The difference between a total prize money: send Shuangseqiu lottery Shuangseqiu beat because of the annual award in October, later than the big lottery, which makes the color ball prize faction has the advantage". In fact, the prize money to send in the same year, the double chromosphere has been in the lead, this year is no exception: the double chromosphere faction award 900 million yuan, compared to the previous 500 million Lotto prize more than 400 million yuan. The time for total number of Color Award Color Award total number Shuangseqiu 120 million Lotto 102 million 152 million 150 million 200 million 120 million no 200 million no 200 million and 1 billion billion dollar 3 2 note lottery 300 million and 1 500 million 150 million 600 million 360 million 900 million and 5 billion billion between two: the double chromosphere first prize four years Lotto listed next year review the basic situation of the school prize award can be found, the double chromosphere since 2003 after the listing, began to launch the first award until July 2007, after a year to send a prize, has carried out a total of 10 prizes (not including the upcoming school award). Compared to the double chromosphere listed 4 years to send the prize, super lotto game in the birth of second years, in 2008 began to distribute "red lottery awards". So far, Super Lotto altogether held 8 awards, in addition to the 2012 School Award for the form of "three dollar note lottery", the other is billion yuan to send prize. The difference between the three: the highest award attractive Shuangseqiu lottery prizes are not large bonuses by means of stimulation in order to achieve the promotion of a way of sales promotion purpose. On the other hand, send the prize is the purpose to increase the welfare lottery, let winning lottery bonuses. I found the statistics, during the school award the highest bonus of this great gold index, the double chromosphere is weaker than the super lotto. Shuangseqiu during the 900 million school awards each will arrange 20 million yuan to set up the first prize special award, first prize from the current betting style by winning note sharing. Because of the "6+2" basketball complex needs 4 yuan, so the root)相关的主题文章: