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The development of   city; health priority – Politics – newspaper Shanghai on 21 November,     (reporter Wang Junping, Cao Lingjuan) on November 21st to 24, the ninth session of the global health promotion conference held in Shanghai. The meeting was co sponsored by the national health and Family Planning Commission and WHO, the Shanghai municipal government contractors. The General Assembly adopted the 2030 Shanghai Declaration on health promotion in sustainable development. Mayors from more than and 100 cities around the world have reached a consensus on the health of the city of Shanghai to promote health and sustainable urban development. The Shanghai declaration reaffirms that health, as a universal right, is the basic resource of daily life and the social and political priority shared by all countries. Calls for different sectors, different governance levels, as well as the private sector and non-governmental organizations, to increase the political guarantee for health promotion and financial investment, accelerate the realization of sustainable development goals. The "Shanghai consensus" fully realize the healthy and sustainable development of the city also realize the complementary and inseparable, health and well-being is the core of the 2030 United Nations Development Agenda and sustainable development goals, all calls to the city in the world, regardless of size, wealth, and actively participate in the construction of healthy city, make a positive political decision for health, and promised the most healthy city towards the goal — to build our common ability and. "Shanghai consensus", said the city for health and well-being of the key to sustainable development. As a mayor, it is up to the local authorities to take action and work with other areas to build a safe, inclusive, safe, sustainable and healthy city that will make health a central issue. Urban planning and decision-making must listen to the views of the community residents, voices and needs, and fully realize the potential and talent of the population in all ages of the city. The Shanghai consensus is committed to achieving good health governance, focusing on health related policies in all areas of urban governance, and assessing the health implications of all policies. The mayor promised to abide by the five principles of city health governance: health for all policy priority; to improve the social, economic and environmental determinants of health for all; to promote the community to actively participate in promoting health and social services; fairness; carry out monitoring and evaluation of city life, disease burden and health determinants. The "Shanghai consensus" commitment to the city health action plan, and give priority to these 10 healthy city construction field of operations, and the full integration of sustainable development 2030 agenda: to ensure basic needs of residents in education, housing, employment, security and other aspects of the establishment of a more equitable, more sustainable social security system; measures to eliminate the city atmosphere, water and soil pollution, in response to changes in the environment, the construction of green city and enterprise, ensure clean energy and air; invest in our children, give priority to early childhood development, and ensure the health, education and social services in the city policies and projects covering each child; to ensure the environmental safety of women and girls in particular, to protect them from harassment and sexual violence; improve the city poverty and slums and informal housing Residents, immigrants and相关的主题文章: